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Visionix-VX650-Anterior segment

Visionix VX 650

The unique eye health monitor

Visionix VX 650 revolutionizes ocular assessment by introducing the first and unique solution that allows eye care professionals (ECPs) to deliver a comprehensive eye exam at the push of a button. It combines an aberrometer, a fundus camera and all essential technologies to monitor both anterior and posterior segments in a single device. The highly automated Visionix VX 650 allows a moderately trained user to detect a wide range of visual pathologies.

Anterior and posterior segment analysis

A comprehensive multi-modal device for anterior / posterior segments measurement and analysis (ARK, Aberrometer, Topographer, Pachymeter, Scheimpflug camera, Tonometer & now integrating the Fundus camera).

Full range of clinical applications

From cornea to retina, it detects all major defects and pathologies, like dry-eye, keratoconus, cataract, glaucoma, nevus, diabetic retinopathy, retinal hemorrhage and more.

Increased level of eyecare without delay

Reduce overall patient movement and time in the pre-test room while providing a comprehensive examination to every patient.

Automated and intuitive data collection

Accurate and reproducible results regardless of the operator.

Efficient data management

Results available for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant data sharing, for either local or remote review.

Telehealth and remote-ready

The device can be fully operated remotely. Additionally, data is available for review by a licensed practitioner – from anywhere.

Technical Specifications


  • WIDTH: 660mm
  • DEPTH : 420mm
  • HEIGHT : 560mm
  • WEIGHT : 32Kg

Pachymetry, IC (iridocorneal) angle and pupillometry

Feature Value
Method Static horizontal scan with the Scheimpflug camera
Pachymeter measuring range 150-1300m
Pachymetry resolution +/- 10m
IC angle measuring range 0°-60°
IC resolution 0.1°
Pupil illumination Blue light 455nm

Retroillumination, corneal topography by specular reflection

Feature Value
Number of rings 24
Number of measuring points 6.144
Number of points analyzed More than 100,000
Diameter of covered corneal area at 43D From 0.75 mm to more than 10 mm
Measurement range From 37.5 D to 56 D
Repeatability 0.03mm
Method Placido rings

Dry Eye screening

  • Non Invasive Break-Up Time (NIBUT)
  • Measurement of tear meniscus height
  • Scleral picture


Feature Value
Measurement range Calibrated range 7 – 44 mmHg


Feature Value
Alignment XYZ automatic
Display 10.1” (1024 x 600) TFT screen Multi-touch screen
Observation area ø 14 mm
Medical device directive EC MDD 93/42/EC modified by directive 2007/47/EC
Output RS232 / USB / VGA / LAN / HDMI / DP

Power mapping and refraction

Feature Value
Spherical power range -20D to +20D
Cylinder power range 0D to ±8D
Axis 0 to 180°
Measuring area Min. ø 2mm – Max. 7mm (3zones)
Number of measuring points 1,400 points for 7mm pupil at 0D
Acquisition time 0.2sec
Method Shack-Hartmann


Feature Value
Angle of view 45°
Resolution 6Mpix
Optical resolution > 60 lines/mm

Model Comparison Feature
AR-K based WF.
AR-K ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Occular Aberro. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Retro ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Corneal Topograph ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Non Contact Tonometer ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Scheimpflug Camera ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Pachymetry ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Full Eye Tracking ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Back surface of the cornea ✔️ ✔️
Remote Access ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Colour camera ✔️ ✔️
Dry eye ✔️
Efron classification ✔️
Tear meniscus value ✔️
Fundus Camera ✔️

New - Optovue Solix Essential

Optovue Solix Essential

OCT-A See the vessels like
you’ve never seen them before!

Solix Essential

Optovue Solix Essential is a technology built upon a proven foundation of high-speed
Spectral Domain OCT. The Optovue Solix Essential offers state-of-the-art imaging from the cornea to the choroid with exclusive technology that will change your approach to disease diagnosis and management


• New advanced HD retina scan patterns for maximum resolution and post processingalignment.•Tracked high density scans with SSADA & MCT with vessel to vessel post processingalignment produces a superior platform for change as it minimises scan location andmovement effects during acquisition and allows for high density registration


Optovue Solix Essential takes glaucoma scanning to the next level incorporating DualTrac, SSADA, MCT, and AI segmentation along with new features to make it an Advanced glaucoma system.

Anterior Segment

Comprehensive anterior evaluation of pathologies such as keratoconus and dry eyesymptoms utilizing pachymetry, epithelial thickness mapping and 3D EnFace imaging.

Wellness protocols

OCT wellness generates a single, comprehensive report to promote better overall eye health. The report includesa 12x9mm structural scan that optimizes metrics on retinal thickness and ganglion cell thickness to the superior/inferior arches. High-resolution B-scans provide excellent visualization of retinal structures.

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Optovue extends sincere appreciation to Adil El Maftouhi
OD (Centre Rabelais, Lyon, France) for the use of his images
throughout this brochure. Unless noted, all images are courtesy
of Adil El Maftouhi.

Eye Refract endorsement



Eye Refract, 7 years of proven performance.
Discover all its benefits.


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A.I powered binocular physiological refraction

Eye Refract, manufactured by Visionix, is the only Artificial Intelligence powered device that offers physiological refraction for determining the most comfortable prescription for your patients.
Eye Refract has reforged the refraction process, allowing eye care professionals to optimize time spent with their patients. Eye Refract is powered by a unique and innovative technology which performs an automatic binocular refraction thanks to artificial intelligence.

More info

Our ambassadors across Europe give you an insider’s view!

Speed up your process

“The time it used to take could be between 20 and 35-40 minutes. With an Eye Refract, today, it’s 6 to 7 minutes.”

-Olivier Hesteau – Krys stores owner

Perform refraction easily

“The device is intuitive. You just focus on your tablet, place the patient in front of the device and perform the tests that you are automatically prompted to do.”

-Fabio Delgago – Cottet Optica product manager


Guarantee the ultimate precision

“The reliability rates are 98% for progressive and 99% for single vision. So it really is quite incredible.”

-Olivier Hesteau – Krys stores owner

Impress your customers with a unique experience

“When we introduce our customers to the Eye Refract, they are very excited that it works so quickly and accurately.”

-Michelle Schenk – Optician

“For the patient, there is a “wow” effect.”

-Dr A. Vercesi – Ophthalmologist


Grow your business

“The adaptation renewal rate was 10%, it rose to 25% in one month. This is my best investment.”

-Olivier Hesteau – Krys stores owner

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New - Visionix Nexus telehealth


Nexus telehealth

Nexus, a digital health solution

Advanced remote health screening


our new digital health solution platform, is specifically designed to connect all eye care professionals, even remotely, to bring an ophthalmologist’s’ expertise to patients at any eye screening location.

Provide advanced visual health screening solutions to your patients by bringing an ophthalmologist’s expertise into your practice

Improved services

Expand your practice offerings and provide patients with comprehensive eye health screenings. Perform a complete anterior and posterior examination on our single multi-modal instrument and get grading from an ophthalmologist in 48 hours *

Easy and comprehensive

Provide a convenient solution for your patients who don’t have easy access to your practice or don’t make regular visits to an ophthalmologists as part of their routine eye health care

Manage patient data in real time

Connect and synchronize all Visionix® diagnostic instruments through the cloud and regularly backup patient data.

-Save time with automatic synchronization between connected Visionix® devices and the cloud

– Automatically backup patient data in a safe, encrypted environment

– Get automatic software updates on your devices

Safe and Secure

Easily share patient data with remote specialists while protecting them with secured client-side encryption.

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Choose between your own ophthalmologist partnership or our resources

If you prefer to use an ophthalmologist to do remote grading, we will set up a connection between your device and your ophthalmologist. If you don’t have a preferred ophthalmologist, you can use our resources and still take your eye health offerings to the next level. Available only in specified countries.

New - Optovue Solix



High-speed FullRange® OCT

Enhanced reporting to help you preserve patients’ sight


is new technology built upon a proven foundation of high-speed Spectral Domain OCT. This FullRange platform empowers practitioners to identify and manage numerous pathologies from the front to the back of the eye for a vastly superior diagnostic experience.
SOLIX delivers multiple tools for a new generation of disease management that improves throughput and enables superior patient care.

Anterior segment

SOLIX FullRange anterior imaging provides stunning views of the entire anterior chamber from the front surface of the cornea to the anterior surface of the lens. A comprehensive anterior segment package expands the clinical utility of the system to addressassist a broad range of patients.


The SOLIX glaucoma package delivers in-depth analysis of the optic nerve head structure and vasculature. Optovue-exclusive data points bring additional insights thatto aid in clinical decision making.

A single scan protocol with Motion Correction Technology (MCT) generates both OCT and OCTA images with AngioAnalytics® metrics to help you quickly understand each patient’s rate of change.

See precise images of the retina, choroid and vitreous…even in highly myopic eyes

SOLIX delivers pristine images of retinal structures with unprecedented views of the vitreous and choroid, that enable confident diagnosis and management of retinal pathologies – even in highly myopic patients.

A single scan protocol with MCT generates all necessary images and data for comprehensive retinal analysis, which quickly provides the

clinical data your practice demands.

OCT Wellness Tool

The SOLIX wellness protocol is a valuable assessment tool that can reveal the need for more extensive imaging and streamline the exam process. It can quickly confirm normal range or aid in more efficient diagnosis of pathology. In addition, wellness programs improve patient involvement and retention to help you differentiate your practice and grow it.

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New - Visionix VX 650


VX 650

Reassess how your patients see with a new approach to routine examination

A one-step exam

Visionix VX 650

is the only fully automated instrument in the world that can performs a complete anterior/posterior one-step examination.

Accurate Comprehensive eye exam in seconds

A unique multi-modal solution allows for the early detection of major anterior and posterior ocular pathologies in a single device.  

From anterior to posterior segment measurement and analysis, the VX 650 accurately gives a comprehensive eye exam to detects all major pathologies that cause visual impairment or blindness

Anterior segment: Advanced objective refraction

Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology, VX 650 provides Objective day and night refraction measurements (under different pupil diameters) and measures lower-order and higher-order aberrations.

Anterior segment: Corneal topography

Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology, combined with the topographer Placido rings and an external color camera, VX 650 provides tools to Diagnose, Evaluate and Monitor Keratoconus or other corneal pathologies like Dry Eye DISEASES. 

Anterior segment : Eye transparency and shape

Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology, combined with the topographer Placido rings, a Scheimpflug camera and a retroillumination capacity, the VX 650 allows visualization of lens opacities to monitor cataract.

Posterior segment : Glaucoma evaluation

Thanks to the fundus camera, combined with the Scheimpflug camera and the integrated tonometer, the VX 650 provides data such as tonometry, irido-corneal angles, fundus, and cup to disc ratio to identify patients with possible glaucoma.

Posterior segment : Retinal pathologies

Thanks to the fundus camera, the VX 650 allows the eye care professional (ECP) to study a patient’s retina, detect retinal changes and review a patient’s retinal findings. Visionix VX 650 enables a simple diagnostic procedure to identify patients with possible retinal pathologies such as DIABETIC RETINOPATHY or AMD.

Time management, delegation and space saving

Save time and easily delegate screening. Benefit from having a single, fully automatic diagnostic device that combines all essential technologies to monitor both anterior and posterior segments in a single device. 

Highly Automated

Right Eye to left eye movement, auto-tracking and auto-focus, the first and only solution that allows eye care professionals (ECPs) to deliver a comprehensive eye exam with the push of a button. It facilitates delegation by collecting accurate and reproducible results regardless of the operator.

Change your vision of space

Benefit from a single, fully automatic device that combines all the functionalities of all following equipment: ARK, Aberrometer, Topographer, Pachymeter, Scheimpflug camera, Tonometer and Fundus camera.
With a rotating screen, the VX 650 can fit in all practice configurations.

Telemedicine Innovation

Your testing, data review, and patient consultations are no longer limited by time and space. Provide accurate teleconsultations with a single instrument, allowing you to measure and securely access examination data. You can retrieve detailed reports and anterior/posterior images of the eye with a single click to identify and detect early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and corneal pathologies. The VX 650 also offers effective detection and management of keratoconus.

Remote ready

The device can be fully operated remotely. The access to key clinical data from a separate location allows ECPs to practice remotely.


Data is available for review by a licensed practitioner – from anywhere. 

Secured and Efficient data management

Results available for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant data sharing, for review both locally and remotely. 

New - Briot Couture



Unique 3D visualization and intelligent edging

See your work before you start to edge precisely

Briot Couture

is a highly intuitive lens finishing system suitable for any optical store. Briot Couture is our newest and most advanced finishing platform yet and includes the world’s first virtual 3D lens rendering technology to simplify the finishing process for all opticians.



WaveFront aberrometry, developed by Visionix®, lets you preview the actual design of the lens and accurately position it so it comfortably fits your patient. With progressive lenses, the near-sighted zone can be perfectly positioned to the wearer’s needs.

Unhide Marking

With Visionix(R) owned parallax free imaging system you can center the most valuable and critcal lenses according to the hidden markings without the need of marking them

Unrevealed Power Map

With Visionix(R) Power Map Technology review the power over the whole lens area. Finally see how the lens design is in reality

Tailormade Shape Modification

By overlaying the map the shape of semi-rimless or rimless lenses can be adapted individually without affecting the relevant lens zones.

Allow the most creatives designs

Briot Couture offers the only tracer on the market that can create a 3D model of the entire frame, including thickness, shape, and groove placement. So, you can confidently offer the most creative designs to your patients.
Automatic Mini Bevel SelectionBriot Couture detects automatically if the frame is a metal or plastic one and by measuring the width of the frame wire it selects the matching Mini Bevel for the frame.
Best Bevel PlacementBy knowing the position of the frame groove within the frame wire the ideal position of the bevel to sit perfectly in the frame is recommended automatically
Perfect Base Curve Match

The base curve is detected automatically by the Tracer or can be captured on rimless or semi-rimless frames with the digital lens clock. This helps the user find the perfect lens matching the frame, with less possible distortion

Achieve optimal visual comfort

You no longer need to alter the frame to insert lenses. Briot Couture remembers the centering parameters of the frame, allowing your patient to achieve optimal visual comfort when wearing their new glasses.

Adapted Pupilar Distance The pupilar distance (PD) is automatically adapted to the base curve of the frame and the lens to improve the wearer’s visual experience, even on high wrap frames.
Warn in critical situationsFor the first time in optics, a color scheme shows the effect that the lens will have on the frame. Red color means that the frame is bent critically.
Simulation firstWith the Virtual 3D technology it is possible to simulate the impact a lens will have on a frame and which advantages a different base curve or lens index will have. This is extemely helpful for the lens selling process and for the lens ordering itself.


With 3D pre-visualization, you’ll see how the lens fits into the frame beforehand and benefit from a complete view of the final result. If needed, you can make precise

adjustments without trial and error to obtain a perfect fit, especially in the curved parts of the frame. In the grinding section, Briot Couture offers a unique inclined bevel that enhances the finish.

Fits Easily into Place

Leveraging its TrueFit® technology, Briot Couture takes into account the curvature of the lens and frame while optimizing the bevel placement. This ensures a quality aesthetic and a proper fit. The lenses move naturally into place without forcing them. You can also work on delicate wood frames without the risk of breakage.

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New - Weco E7



A perfect match between the lens and frame

Exceptional fit first time

Thanks to 3D,

you can preview results with absolute precision for a perfect match between the lens and frame, even on the most complex frames. Enjoy unmatched first-fit rates with the only tracer capable of modeling the entire frame’s features. With the latest TrueFit™ software, get optimal lens centering and keep full control of the grinding process while saving precious time.

Preview your work with unprecedented accuracy

WECO 7 utilizes the power of 3D preview and intelligent TrueFit™ software, to allow you to preview your work with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

TrueFit – guided by Virtual 3D

TrueFit Bevel Placement, supported by Virtual 3D Technology, positions the bevel by calculating the best compromise between aesthetics and fitting, which means less bending of the frame.

Cautious: Red!

A useful color code shows if the frame is going to be bent by the inserted lens and if yes, to what extend. As always, red is a warning and shows critical areas. By changing lens paramters, or bevel placements, it is possible to improve the result.

Improving sales

Sell higher value by taking your customer to experience the difference in fitting by chosing different lens base curves, a different Index of Refraction or even an aspheric lens.

Optimal centering

Our exclusive wavefront technology simplifies perfect centering, especially on progressives lenses.

Comprehensive modeling

WECO 7 is the only tracer on the market capable of modeling all the characteristics of a frame’s features, including the thickness, making even the most complex mountings easy.

A perfect fit every time

With each step precisely planned, calculated, and previewed, from the lens choice to the mounting, you can expect unparalleled first-fit results.

Improve productivity

Save an hour each day with a smarter, faster process, giving you more time to devote to your patients.

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Fine-tuned grinding process

Equipped with new high-tech sensors and the latest generation of software, WECO 7 is made for precise grinding that can be fine-tuned at any time.

New - Visionix Nexy A.I.


Nexy A.I

Deliver extensive retinal health assessments in under 5-minutes.

The next step in preventative eye health screening

Nexy A.I.

Nexy and A.I. integrated solution enable Eye Care Professionals to take the next step in visual health screening. With this solution they can provide new screening opportunities to their consumers as part of their service, facilitating the early detection of the retinal pathologies

13 retinal diseases risks in 1 screening solution

The NEXY A.I. solution covers 13 common retinal pathologies. With most retinal diseases, the primary goal of treatment is to slow disease progression and preserve the retina and associated vision.

Automatic capture of high-quality images

The NEXY camera utilizes an innovative cross-polarized light technology that provides excellent image quality while maintaining a compact footprint.

Championing visual health

The NEXY A.I solution allows you to expand your visual health offering. By playing an active role in retinal screening, you can support the health of your community and enhance your customer experience.

Nexy + A.I.: Peace of mind

By taking and assessing pictures of the back of the eyes, our retinal screening solution – supported by a dedicated algorithm – offer an extensive assessment of retinal health in under 5 minutes Clinically validated solution

Clinically validated solution*

Nexy A.I. solution has been assessed and validated comparing the outcome of the algorithm to the opinion and diagnosis of experienced ophthalmologists. Thanks to Nexy A.I., opticians can offer a retinal health consultation with a reliable and accurate tool.

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*Internal study for CE mark submission by Li B, Chen H, Zhang B based on 3,127 images collected between 2014 and 2018, China, Visionary Intelligence. The clinical study was conducted under ideal conditions in a medical environment. The precision may vary depending on the measurement conditions.



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