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Briot Couture

Unique 3D visualization and intelligent edging

Briot Couture: a highly intuitive lens finishing system suitable for any optical store. Briot Couture includes the world’ first virtual 3D lens rendering technology to simplify the finishing process for all opticians.

Full 3D tracing for any curved frame

Briot Couture offers the only tracer on the market able to create a 3D model of the entire frame, including thickness, shape and groove placement. So you can offer the most creative designs to your customers with total precision.

Choose the base curve before ordering

Traditionally, choosing the base curve before ordering can be complicated, because you don’t know how the lens will fit with the frame. But with Briot Couture 3D visualization, it’s now a whole lot easier. You and your customers can preview the predicted results together and decide appropriately – a unique possibility with first-fit precision.

Delicate fits without retouching

Leveraging its TrueFit® technology, Briot Couture takes into account the curvature of the lens and frame while optimizing the bevel placement, ensuring the best balance of proper fit and quality aesthetic. The lenses move naturally into place without forcing or lengthy retouching. You can also work on delicate wood frames without risk of breakage.

Full control of edging, even with difficult curves

With 3D pre-visualization, you’ll see how the lens fits into the frame beforehand and benefit from a complete view of the final result. If needed, you can make precise changes without trial and error to obtain a perfect fit, especially in the curved parts of the frame. In the grinding section, Briot Couture offers a unique inclined bevel that enhances the finish.

Avoid slippage with hydrophobic lenses

Like Briot Attitude, Briot Couture intelligently adjusts its edging cycles to the thickness of the lens and material. But now with significant innovation: new sensors and improved software maintain constant pressure on the lens, thus reducing grinding time with no risk of misalignment, especially on hydrophobic lenses.

Technical Specifications



  • WIDTH: 14.2” (360mm)
  • DEPTH: 22.3” (565mm)
  • HEIGHT: 23.2” (590mm)
  • WEIGHT: 65LBS (29.5 Kg)
  • ELECTRICAL: 115V/230V // 50HZ/60HZ


  • WIDTH: 20.1”
  • DEPTH: 24.2”
  • HEIGHT: 22.4”
  • WEIGHT: 152LBS
  • ELECTRICAL: 115V/230V // 50HZ/60HZ


Briot Couture All Material Briot Couture All Plastics
Virtual 3D Lens Simulation
TrueScan Tracing for High Base Frames
Free Shape Modification + Shape Correction/Repair
Wavefront Technology
Measurement of Lens Power (Single Vision , Progressive , Prismatic)
Display of PowerMap
Laser Engraving Visualization
Increase Centring Precision of Progressive / Single Vision Free Form
Automatic Centring & Blocking Real automatic centring due to Wavefront Technology (no Lensmeter needed)
TMS advanced edging cycle
TrueFit® bevel program
Bevel Types
Variable Mini Bevel: Adjustable Bevel Height / Standard V-Bevel (called also Hide-A-Bevel (US)) / Flat Bevel
Polishing Polishing Flat Bevel
Safety Bevel: variable for Front and Back individually
Best Fit Groove: positions the Groove in variable angle depending on the Base Curve
Angular Drilling: Drill Holes can be inclined between 0° and 30°
High Curve Bevel (Tilted Bevel): Strength of the Chamfering on the back side could be determined individually
High Curve Mini Bevel: the High Curve Bevel can be combined with the variable Mini Bevel (Perfect for Metal High Curve Frames > RayBan)
Partial High Curve Bevel
Combine Standard Bevel with High Curve Bevel in 1 or 2 regions
> Perfect for Plastic Frame combined with Strong Minus Lens
Hybrid Edging
Combine: Bevel and Groove Wide/Deep Groove and Narrow Groove Flat and Groove…
Sd Design
Full Flexibility in Design (from Photo to Finish)
Internal Databases 5000 Jobs / 10000 Shapes / Patterns
Touch Screen Interface
Remote Updates

Model Comparison Feature
Perception 2 Groove
Perception 2
Emotion 2
Attitude (ALL)
Attitude (PLA)
Couture (ALL)
Couture (PLA)
Weco E.12
Weco E.12
Weco E.32
Weco E.32
Weco E.5
Weco E.5
Weco E.5
Weco E.6
S.Line ALL
Weco E.6
S.Line PLA
Weco E.6
Weco E.6
Weco E7 (ALL)
Weco E7 (PLA)

Briot made in France, reliability guaranteed

This product was designed by our engineers in Normandy, France, and assembled in our local workshops with the greatest care. Each component is crafted with rigorous quality-control protocols at each stage of the process. And all parts are guaranteed for up to 2 years and backed by rapid intervention, ensuring you maximum uptime and a long lifecycle for your machine.


Briot is my choice for lab equipment,

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Jonathan Kuckler, Vice President and Managing Optician North Colorado Optical of Greeley Inc.

My office has had a Briot edger for over 10 years

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Dr. Albert Morier Consumer Optical

I’m an old school optician

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Trish Hammons, A.B.O.C. Custom Optical



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