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Visionix VX 120+ Dry eye

Redefining dry eye management

More data. Better visual outcomes.

By including dry eye syndrome detection in your consultations, you contribute to overall well-being and improved quality of life.

Unmatched patient experience

Tear film and break-up time

A test that processes the movement of rings projected on the eye and measures the speed of tear film break-up between two blinks. This test provides valuable data through three distinct presentation modes:
  • Break-up time image
  • Ring movement video.
  • Percentage of break timeline graph.

HD colour imaging of
Meibomian glands

Using the color camera, you can create a comprehensive photo gallery of various segments of the eye, with a specific focus on the meibomian glands area. This innovative feature empowers optometrists to track progress over time and offer clear explanations to customers regarding their eye health .

Measurement of tear meniscus height

Use the zoom function of our high-definition camera to accurately measure the height of the tear meniscus.


Innovative approaches for dry eye management.

Practical Case Studies: Managing Different Stages of Dry Eye


Unlock Confidence in Dry Eye Management and Monitoring with the Scientifically Approved VX 120+

Achieve Diagnostic Excellence Across the Spectrum:

From detecting glaucoma and keratoconus to pinpointing candidates for cataract surgery with premium and/or toric implants, as well as identifying optimal candidates for refractive surgery – our state-of-the-art technologies come together to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for superior eye care.

Embrace a new era in eye care with seamlessly integrated comprehensive screening and continuous monitoring capabilities for a diverse range of eye pathologies. One of these often-undervalued conditions is dry eye syndrome, which can profoundly impact patients’ quality of life.

Our innovative solution empowers you to proactively identify, track, and manage various eye pathologies, ensuring that even conditions like dry eye syndrome do not escape thorough evaluation. By adopting this advanced approach, you can offer a higher level of care and address potential issues before they escalate.

With the ability to capture subtle changes and trends over time, our technology provides a proactive way to address pathologies. By embracing comprehensive screening and continuous monitoring, you can stay ahead of the curve in detecting and managing major pathologies, ultimately enhancing your patients’ well-being and satisfaction.


Enhance Your Insight into Visual Health

We’re excited to introduce a simple yet effective tool to help you test whether your customers have been experiencing discomfort, irritation or other symptoms. Our Dry Eye Questionnaire could be the key to unlocking the answers you need to improve the way you follow your customers.

By taking just a few minutes to complete this questionnaire with your customer, you’re taking a proactive step towards maintaining optimal eye comfort and health. A total score of 6 or higher is a signal to consider discussing the symptoms with your customer. Remember, well-being is our priority. 

Did you know that offering dry eye screening can open doors to additional sales opportunities in your practice?

When you perform dry eye screenings as an optometrist, you’re not only enhancing patient well-being but also creating a platform for offering tailored solutions. 

  1. Prescription Eye Drops: Provide personalized relief with our range of prescription-strength eye drops.
  2. Lifestyle Adjustments: Suggest lifestyle changes and tips to manage dry eye symptoms effectively.
  3. Consultations and Follow-ups: Offer ongoing consultations to track progress and adjust treatments as needed.

Elevating Eye Care

A Remarkable testimonial by Jorge Millán, optometrist in Spain,  using VX 120 Dry Eye.

Jorge Millán, a dedicated partner and a user of Visionix’s VX 120 Dry Eye is sharing his incredible journey with the device and the transformation it has broug

This testimonial highlights his positive experiences, the benefits he observed with the VX 120 Dry Eye, and how it enhanced patient satisfaction.