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Comprehensive eye exams

With automated refraction and wellness OCTs, your optometry practice can offer a blend of wellness and medical checkups to improve the care you offer to your patients and drive up your revenues.

Homme faisant un examen  sur le vx 650 chez l'orthopiste

The many benefits for optometrists

Powerful tools

Our automated devices can help any optometrist improve their patient care. There are powerful tools that allow you to expand care to patients and increase private practice revenue.

Expand eye wellness

Our equipment allows you to build a medical model and expand the scope of your practice to eye wellness. With our intuitive devices, you can efficiently carry out more eye exams and discover eye diseases early before they progress.

Build a medical model

The main driver of most optometry practices is to sell glasses and contact lenses.  Our equipment enables you to expand the scope of your practice and diversify your revenue by establishing a medical model that offers a greater balance of wellness and medical.

Empower your patient’s journey​

Finishing device

Eye refraction made easy

Visionix Eye Refract is a forward-thinking technology that helps practice owners achieve more efficiency. A clinician can maximize their time with patients by delegating next-generation refraction to a technician who collects accurate, repeatable, and reliable data


Quality Data

“Visionix’s Eye Refract automates the traditional features of a phoropter and has allowed us to expand without sacrificing quality data or time with our patients.”
Rasa Tamulavichus
OD, Big City Optical, Chicago, Illinois

Ocular screening in minutes

Visionix VX 650 is a unique and advanced ocular measuring device with retinal screening. It’s a highly automated, multi-modality diagnostic device that can deliver a comprehensive eye exam in minutes. It allows a clinician to retrieve precise diagnostic data on the entire anterior and posterior eye segments to identify and detect the early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and corneal pathologies.


Our high-tech devices empower any practice. Our equipment seamlessly connects to each other and offers data integration with most EMRs. Whether you’re looking for OCT screening, a diagnostic device, or lens finishing equipment, Visionix manufactures a range of systems to suit your needs.


Seamless connection​

We also offer Nexus, a cloud-based software platform, that seamlessly connects opticians to optometrists through our devices so they can grade eye data.

Nexus, a cloud-based software platform, connects to Visionix devices like the Eye Refract, VX 650, and VX 120. Nexus is a convenient option that allows an optometrist or ophthalmologist to carry out Remote Human Grading of retinal images by clearly screening the anterior and posterior segments of the eye for all major diseases.

All a user needs to do is to log into Nexus and everything is connected automatically, including to our retinal camera and OCT. All device upgrades occur through Nexus so there’s no need for an on-site visit by a technician.

Unlocking your personal potential​

For the government

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs runs VA medical centers and community-based outpatient care clinics for eligible military veterans. Visionix is working with VA hospitals to offer better care to patients with efficient refraction and early detection of eye diseases. There are so much data contained in our compact, multi-modal devices, that doctors can see a greater number of patients and complete a higher volume of eye exams per day.

For the retail business owner

We understand that return on investment is a high priority for the small business owner. That’s why our multifunctional devices like the Eye Refract and Briot Couture pay for themselves in the long-run while also empowering your practice to do more. When you purchase a product from us, you’re immediately enrolled in our online academy which can train your staff through videos, testimonials, and webinars. Our Clinical Application Specialists can also pay your store a visit to train staff on-site.

For the optometry practitioner

Our equipment frees up optometrists to focus on the clinical side of the business. Our easy-to-use devices can be taught to technicians quickly so they can assist in data collection. One advantage is that data collected can be seamlessly integrated with most EMRs. An optometrist can then spend more time counseling patients.