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Globally at least 2.2 BILLION people have vision impairment. And of those at least 1 billion people have prevented or just haven’t addressed their vision impairment.
Having easy access to quality eye care facilitates early diagnosis, which significantly reduces the risk of blindness or serious vision impairment.

Visionix is dedicated to enhancing global access to eye health resources. Our telehealth solutions, powered by the Nexus platform/software, enable the seamless exchange and secure storage of data. The interconnected ecosystem plays a pivotal role in promoting broader accessibility to vision care. It connects opticians, optometrists and patients with doctors, facilitating remote assessment and grading of visual health examination data.

Nexus represents the  infrastructure and architecture that enables the delivery of our remote vision care services, which encompass data exchange between Eye Care providers and data storage in a GDPR compliant environment .

Nexus is a cloud-based software platform through which Visionix delivers its services, (including  screenings with remote human grading or AI assistance  and the capability for remote refraction services). It acts as the enabling platform for these various remote vision care offerings.

Nexus allows to improve the basic efficiency of the optical shops and practices.
Log into Nexus and everything is connected automatically. A device software upgrades occur through Nexus so there’s no need for a visit by a technician practices.and you will have all the time the lates version of the device available.

Retail store business owners

If you do not have an optometrist on site, you can ask a  specialist to grade eye data remotely. This way you can connect to an eye care provider who can interpret the data and analyse the report based on the pictures and measurements, all by seamlessly connecting to our Nexus platform. This presents a valuable chance for setting dedicating time to the patient for early detection, regardless of whether there’s an optometrist available in the store.


Connecting multiple clinics and utilizing remote optometry services can be a practical approach to improving patient care and streamlining operations.


You can remotely interpret and grade clear retinal or anterior/posterior eye segment images from multiple locations using our Nexus platform. This efficient process allows you to make the most of your resources by maximizing the use of clear images obtained from various locations.

Optical retail chains

Many big box stores struggle to hire optometrists and ophthalmologists. Yet, with patients living longer with advanced vision care needs, Nexus, our telehealth platform can help. Using our devices like the Eye Refract or VX650, an optician can click a button asking a doctor for a second opinion. The doctor remotely connects via the Nexus to review and grade retinal images and create a data report. Using this information, the big box chain can sell more eyewear to patients.