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It’s easy to take for granted the ability to see, to forget how much our vision shapes how we experience the world around us. That is unless your quality of life has been impacted by a vision impairment or blindness.

Globally at least 2.2 BILLION people have vision impairment. And of those at least 1 billion people have prevented or just haven’t addressed their vision impairment.
Having easy access to quality eye care facilitates early diagnosis, which significantly reduces the risk of blindness or serious vision impairment.

At Visionix we want to provide patients worldwide with better access to eye health resources. Nexus and our connected ecosystem is a key pillar to facilitate greater access to vision care by connecting opticians and patients to doctors to remotely grade visual health examination data.

Nexus is a cloud-based software platform that connects to Visionix devices like the Eye Refract, VX650, and VX120. It is specially designed to connect Opticians and Optometrists with Ophthalmologists in order to bring his expertise in the store. Opththalmologist is able to grade remotely visual examination results of anterior and posterior segment of the eye in a secure GDPR compliant environment.

Nexus allows to improve the basic efficiency of the optical shops and practices.
Log into Nexus and everything is connected automatically. A device software upgrades occur through Nexus so there’s no need for a visit by a technician practices.and you will have all the time the lates version of the device available.

Retail store business owners

If you do not have an optometrist or ophthalmologist on site, you can ask a doctor to grade eye data remotely. This way you can connect to a clinician who can interpret the data and create a report based on the pictures and measurements, all by seamlessly connecting to our Nexus platform. It gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself and to create additional revenue by selling more eyewear.


If you own multiple clinics, you can use our Nexus telehealth platform to screen data for more patients remotely. It seamlessly connects all workflow and data flow to our Visionix devices like the Eye Refract, the VX650, and VX120, to allow you to travel less, optimize your time, and see more patients. 


Nexus facilitates a telehealth option for you who are using our refraction and diagnostic devices. It allows you to clearly screen retinal images and posterior and anterior segments of the eye from multiple locations thereby maximizing your resources.

Optical retail chains

Many big box stores struggle to hire optometrists and ophthalmologists. Yet, with patients living longer with advanced vision care needs, Nexus, our telehealth platform can help. Using our devices like the Eye Refract or VX650, an optician can click a button asking a doctor for a second opinion. The doctor remotely connects via the Nexus to review and grade retinal images and create a data report. Using this information, the big box chain can sell more eyewear to patients.

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