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Optical Retail

Our integrated technologies offer many advantages

We’re a one-stop-shop that sells optometry systems that fit all needs and any budget. This means you can confidently make glasses on-site in your lab that are 100% accurate and error-free and will fit any patient comfortably.
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Giving Retailers the Right Tools​

Accurate edging
For a retail store owner starting an in-house lab or upgrading their products, we offer a range of lens finishing equipment from entry-level to high end. Our fully automated equipment reduces the likelihood of remakes by being accurate and efficient. Our systems can eliminate failure in layout and blocking of a lens.
Quick turnaround and savings
Having an in-office lab can provide quick turnaround on glasses for your patients and means you can control the quality of the finished product. You can save about 30% of your lab bill by finishing your lenses in-house. All our systems are easy to use, compact, and affordable.
Intuitive testing
We can meet any diagnostic requirements for vision tests and routine eye exams with our full range of digital phoropters, pre-test equipment, lensometers, and pupilometers. Our OCTs are so intuitive they can easily pick up the early signs of eye disease.

Empower your patient’s journey​

Finishing device

Innovative edging

Briot Couture is a highly intuitive lens finishing system suitable for any optical store. It is Visionix’s most advanced finishing platform yet. It offers the world’s first virtual 3D lens rendering technology to simplify the finishing process for all optician skill levels.

Briot Couture Premium Lens Finishing System

Perfect Fit Every Time

“The Briot Couture System provides three exciting innovations that will take the production of high-quality eyewear to a whole new level. These features are True Fit Beveling, Virtual 3D Lens Simulation, and a Torque Management System. They allow the Briot Couture to measure frame thickness, frame depth, as well as frame groove position, to produce the perfect fit every time.”
John Vulich,
Optical Application Specialist, Visionix USA


Our high-tech devices empower any practice. Our equipment seamlessly connects to each other and offers data integration with most EMRs. Whether you’re looking for OCT screening, a diagnostic device, or lens finishing equipment, Visionix manufactures a range of systems to suit your needs.
Un médecin montre le scan réalisé grâce au vx650 sur la machine iScan


Seamless connection​

We also offer Nexus, a cloud-based software platform, that seamlessly connects opticians to optometrists through our devices so they can grade eye data.

Nexus, a cloud-based software platform, connects to Visionix devices like the Eye Refract, VX650, and VX120. Nexus is a convenient option that allows an optometrist or ophthalmologist to carry out Remote Human Grading of retinal images by clearly screening the anterior and posterior segments of the eye for all major diseases.
All a user needs to do is to log into Nexus and everything is connected automatically, including to our retinal camera and OCT. All device upgrades occur through Nexus so there’s no need for an on-site visit by a technician.

Unlocking your personal potential​

Store business owner

Our wide range of finishing systems are easy to use, affordable, and compact.


Additional revenue can be made by having your own in-house lab. You can save on your lab bills, control the end product, and retain happy patients in the process.


You don’t need much training to learn how to use our equipment. It’s so intuitive that you can confidently make accurate lenses that work every time.

Optical retail chain

You can delegate refraction if you’re not onsite and all the data can be accessed remotely. This means you can grow your practice without sacrificing quality.