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Differentiate your practice with new technology

Optometrists can provide their patients with comprehensive eye exams using innovative equipment that integrates with most EMRs.
exam with patient vx120
The combination of new technology, a modern optical setup, a streamlined exam process, and co-management of the full patient experience can help elevate your brand and differentiate your practice.
Visionix’s Eye Refract combines full objective and subjective refraction to identify the patient’s comfort zone using three dimensions: sphere, cylinder, and axis. Patients are impressed with this technology and give positive feedback saying it’s the most comprehensive eye exam they’ve ever received.
vx65 phoropter
Our data integration makes it possible for clinicians to access and review the final recommended prescription and all standard pre-test data before seeing the patient in the exam lane. With this modified approach, optometrists can focus on more challenging patient cases – roughly 10% of the total population – who require the use of a manual phoropter. Practices can benefit from time savings when the optometrist’s traditional refractive skill is reserved for those challenging patients.
The Eye Refract takes wavefront readings which are bracketed with the patient’s prescription to get to their most comfortable zone of vision. It also gives precise K-readings so you can comfortably prescribe any soft contact lens with impressive first-time results.
Our systems work with various EMR platforms and send data in an XML format. This allows the optometrist to take the results of a refraction and sit down with the patient to debrief and discuss. The patient can form a bond with the doctor, which in turn, creates loyalty.