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Lens Analysis at your fingertips

Automatic Lensmeters

Our range of Visionix Automatic Lensmeters provide fast, precise, and reliable refraction measurements to optimize your workflow and patient satisfaction. With advanced features such as automatic inter-pupillary distance (IPD) detection and corneal astigmatism measurement, our Automatic Lensmeter offer simple and effective use. The ergonomic and elegant design ensures optimal comfort for eye care professionals. With Visionix, you can benefit from superior quality equipment for efficient and high-quality eye care practice. 

Control your quality

With Visionix autolensmeters, you can ensure that the prescription is going to be accurate and repeatable. Whether you are measuring prism, polarized, or progressive lenses, our instruments offer fast and efficient lens analysis, leading to better visual acuity and increased patient satisfaction.



Automatic lensmeters from Visionix use advanced technology such as PowerMap Wavefront Lens Analysis to provide precise and reliable refraction measurements, reducing the risk of human error.



Our most advanced Autolensmeters, such as the VX 40 can quickly and efficiently measure a pair of spectacles automatically with a push of a button, allowing eye care professionals to see more patients in less time.


Automatic lensmeters can be used for a variety of measurements, including pupillary distance measurement of the lenses and consistent automatic measurement taking, etc., offering great versatility for eye care professionals.


Visionix VX 40

Visionix Wavefront technology allows you to have a
complete detailed analysis of a lens at the push of a
button. Experience the next-generation automated
lensmeter with the VX 40. The VX 40 can detect and
analyze single vision, bifocals, and progressive lenses
and is compatible with most lens technologies and brands.

  • Fully Automated – Fully automated one-touch lens analysis and measurement of a pair of eyewear
  • Wavefront lens analysis– The VX 40 analyzes progressive and freeform lenses and then conveys the measurements to the operator in the form of a visual topographic map of the power ranges across the lens. 
  • Side-by-side comparative lens analysis – Compare and analyze multiple lens types with your patients with a side by side comparison to highlight advanced lenses and visually support your recommendation for multiple pairs.

Visionix VX 36

Based on patented Visionix Wavefront technology, The VX 36 is an automatic lensmeter that delivers quick and accurate measurements. Best of all, like the VX 40, the VX 36 has full integration with the VX suite of clinical screening equipment as well as export functionality to your EMR system.

  • Blue light and UV measurement – VX 36 measures UV and Blue Light with ease and precision.
  • Automatic progressive lens detection
    – VX 36 detects progressive lenses instantly, simplifying the operator’s task.
  • Improved ergonomics – VX 36 has 7″ color LCD touchscreen, adjustable for comfort.

Model Comparison



Next generation FullRange®

Spectral Domain OCT / OCT-A

Enhanced reporting helps you save sight


Optovue Solix is the next generation FullRange® OCT and OCT-Angiography with a multitude of imaging options, enhanced metrics, integrated fundus camera, and external IR imaging.


FullRange® Anterior Segment

FullRange single scan imaging shows entire anterior chamber from the front of the cornea to the anterior surface of the lens or entire Crystalline lens.

  • Angle scan with 4-up display enables visualization and quantification of angle structure.
  • 10mm Corneal Layer Map shows epithelial, stromal and total corneal thickness with change analysis.
  • External IR imaging displays structure of the upper and lower lids


New advanced scans and glaucoma analytics take glaucoma scanning to the next level, incorporating Dual Track, SSADA, MCT, and AI segmentation with repeatability and reproducibility 2 times better than before.

FullRange Retina

FullRange Retina

FullRange single scan imaging generates all necessary images and data for comprehensive retinal analysis — even in highly myopic patients.

  • AngioVue OCT-A provides visualization and quantification of retinal vasculature.
  • Quad-Montage allows widefield visualization of the peripheral retina.
  • 3D OCT-A rendering enables visualization of vascular connectivity.

Solix Wellness

Wellness and AngioWellness

Wellness capabilities that have become part of a new standard of care for patient suspected of both retinal pathologies and/or glaucoma. The AngioWellness scan enables comprehensive assessment of your diabetic patients and glaucoma suspects by combining structural information on retinal and ganglion cell thickness with objective metrics on retinal vasculature. Utilize FAZ Analytics to uncover early indicators of diabetic changes.

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Visionix VX 650

Reassess how your patients see with a new approach to routine examination

A one-step exam

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The only fully automated instrument in the world that can perform a complete anterior/posterior one-step examination.

Picture pointing the anterior segment.
VX 650 screen
VX 650 Screen swowing
VX 650 screen shows eyes with diabetic retinopathy

Accurate Comprehensive eye exam in seconds

A unique multi-modal solution allows for the early detection of major anterior and posterior ocular pathologies in a single device.  

From anterior to posterior segment measurement and analysis, the VX 650 accurately gives a comprehensive eye exam to detects all major pathologies that cause visual impairment or blindness

Anterior segment: Advanced objective refraction

Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology, VX 650 provides Objective day and night refraction measurements (under different pupil diameters) and measures lower-order and higher-order aberrations  

Anterior segment: Corneal topography

Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology, combined with the topographer Placido rings and an external color camera, VX 650 provides tools to Diagnose, Evaluate and Monitor Keratoconus or other corneal pathologies.

Anterior segment : Eye transparency and shape

Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology, combined with the topographer Placido rings, a Scheimpflug camera and a retroillumination capacity, the VX 650 allows visualization of lens opacities to monitor cataract.

Posterior segment : Glaucoma evaluation

Thanks to the fundus camera, combined with the Scheimpflug camera and the integrated tonometer, the VX 650 provides data such as tonometry, irido-corneal angles, fundus, and cup to disc ratio to identify patients with possible glaucoma.

Posterior segment : Retinal pathologies

Thanks to the fundus camera, the VX650 allows the eye care professional (ECP) to study a patient’s retina, detect retinal changes and review a patient’s retinal findings. Visionix VX 650 enables a simple diagnostic procedure to identify patients with possible retinal pathologies such as DIABETIC RETINOPATHY or AMD.

Time management, delegation and space saving

Save time and easily delegate screening. Benefit from having a single, fully automatic diagnostic device that combines all essential technologies to monitor both anterior and posterior segments in a single device. 

Highly Automated

Right Eye to left eye movement, auto-tracking and auto-focus, the first and only solution that allows eye care professionals (ECPs) to deliver a comprehensive eye exam with the push of a button. It facilitates delegation by collecting accurate and reproducible results regardless of the operator.

Change your vision of space

Benefit from a single, fully automatic device that combines all the functionalities of all following equipment: ARK, Aberrometer, Topographer, Pachymeter, Scheimpflug camera, Tonometer and Fundus camera.
With a rotating screen, the VX 650 can fit in all practice configurations.

Slice image of one eye highlighted on anterior and posterior part
Photo of a tonometer
On left side an child patient and in right side an medecin

Telemedicine Innovation

Your testing, data review, and patient consultations are no longer limited by time and space. Provide accurate teleconsultations with a single instrument, allowing you to measure and securely access examination data. You can retrieve detailed reports and anterior/posterior images of the eye with a single click to identify and detect early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and corneal pathologies. The VX 650 also offers effective detection and management of keratoconus.

Remote ready

The device can be fully operated remotely. The access to key clinical data from a separate location allows ECPs to practice remotely.


Data is available for review by a licensed practitioner – from anywhere. 

Secured and Efficient data management

Results available for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant data sharing, for review both locally and remotely. 

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Unique 3D visualization and intelligent edging

See your work before you start to edge precisely

Briot Couture

is a highly intuitive lens finishing system suitable for any optical store. Briot Couture is our newest and most advanced finishing platform yet and includes the world’s first virtual 3D lens rendering technology to simplify the finishing process for all opticians.


WaveFront aberrometry, developed by Visionix®, lets you preview the actual design of the lens and accurately position it so it comfortably fits your patient. With progressive lenses, the near-sighted zone can be perfectly positioned to the wearer’s needs.

Unhide Marking

With Visionix(R) owned parallax free imaging system you can center the most valuable and critcal lenses according to the hidden markings without the need of marking them

Unrevealed Power Map

With Visionix(R) Power Map Technology review the power over the whole lens area. Finally see how the lens design is in reality

Tailormade Shape Modification

By overlaying the map the shape of semi-rimless or rimless lenses can be adapted individually without affecting the relevant lens zones.

Allows for the most creatives designs

Briot Couture offers the only tracer on the market that can create a 3D model of the entire frame, including thickness, shape, and groove placement. So, you can confidently offer the most creative designs to your patients.
Automatic Mini Bevel SelectionBriot Couture automatically detects if the frame is a metal or plastic one, and by measuring the width of the frame wire, it selects the matching Mini Bevel for the frame.
Best Bevel PlacementBy knowing the position of the frame groove within the frame wire, the ideal position of the bevel to sit perfectly in the frame is recommended automatically.
Perfect Base Curve Match The base curve is detected automatically by the tracer or can be captured on rimless or semi-rimless frames with the digital lens clock. This helps the user to find the perfect lens to match the frame, with less distortion.

Achieve optimal visual comfort

You no longer need to alter the frame to insert lenses. Briot Couture remembers the centering parameters of the frame, allowing your patient to achieve optimal visual comfort when wearing their new glasses.

Adapted Pupilar Distance The pupilar distance (PD) is automatically adapted to the base curve of the frame and the lens to improve the wearer’s visual experience, even on high wrap frames.
Warn in critical situationsFor the first time in optics, a color scheme shows the effect that the lens will have on the frame. Red color means that the frame is bent critically.
Simulation firstWith the Virtual 3D technology it is possible to simulate the impact a lens will have on a frame and which advantages a different base curve or lens index will have. This is extemely helpful for the lens selling process and for the lens ordering itself.


With 3D pre-visualization, you’ll see how the lens fits into the frame beforehand and benefit from a complete view of the final result. If needed, you can make precise

adjustments without trial and error to obtain a perfect fit, especially in the curved parts of the frame. In the grinding section, Briot Couture offers a unique inclined bevel that enhances the finish.

Fits Easily into Place

Leveraging its TrueFit® technology, Briot Couture takes into account the curvature of the lens and frame while optimizing the bevel placement. This ensures a quality aesthetic and a proper fit. The lenses move naturally into place without forcing them. You can also work on delicate wood frames without the risk of breakage.

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Why use a lensmeter from Visionix?

What makes Visionix Lens Analyzers like the VX 40 different?

Our lens analyzers and lensmeters use patented wavefront technology to provide the most accurate and reliable measurements available. Additionally, we have simplified the process to the point where an operator can automatically measure a pair of eyewear via a single button.

What is "Wavefront Lens Analysis"?

Wavefront lens analysis uses a multi-point shack-hartmann sensor to measure the lens at up to 1300 points, it then will convert these data into a visual topographic map to show you important information like the near-point corridor on progressive lenses.

What are the main features to consider when choosing an automatic lensmeter?

When choosing an automatic lensmeter, consider among other things the accuracy, measurement range, supported lens types, ease of use and speed of measurement, to ensure that you select an instrument that meets your needs and provides accurate and reliable measurements.