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Nexy A.I

Deliver extensive retinal health assessments in under 5-minutes.

The next step in preventative eye health screening

Nexy A.I.

Nexy and A.I. integrated solution enable Eye Care Professionals to take the next step in visual health screening. With this solution they can provide new screening opportunities to their consumers as part of their service, facilitating the early detection of the retinal pathologies

13 retinal diseases risks in 1 screening solution

The NEXY A.I. solution covers 13 common retinal pathologies. With most retinal diseases, the primary goal of treatment is to slow disease progression and preserve the retina and associated vision.

Automatic capture of high-quality images

The NEXY camera utilizes an innovative cross-polarized light technology that provides excellent image quality while maintaining a compact footprint.

Championing visual health

The NEXY A.I solution allows you to expand your visual health offering. By playing an active role in retinal screening, you can support the health of your community and enhance your customer experience.

Nexy + A.I.: Peace of mind

By taking and assessing pictures of the back of the eyes, our retinal screening solution – supported by a dedicated algorithm – offer an extensive assessment of retinal health in under 5 minutes Clinically validated solution

Clinically validated solution*

Nexy A.I. solution has been assessed and validated comparing the outcome of the algorithm to the opinion and diagnosis of experienced ophthalmologists. Thanks to Nexy A.I., opticians can offer a retinal health consultation with a reliable and accurate tool.

*Internal study for CE mark submission by Li B, Chen H, Zhang B based on 3,127 images collected between 2014 and 2018, China, Visionary Intelligence. The clinical study was conducted under ideal conditions in a medical environment. The precision may vary depending on the measurement conditions.