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Our Vision

As the population steadily increases, so does the number of eye diseases, disorders and wait time for appointments. We want to provide patients worldwide with better access to eye health resources.


Throughout the journey to good eye health, patients are confronted with a myriad of ophthalmic services delivered by opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists. We simplify their experience.


Advancements in technology lead to greater functionality, higher accuracy, and more compact refraction, diagnostic, lens finishing and measurement instruments that can also be operated remotely.

Your opportunity

The population’s expanding requirements for greater and more affordable eye care services, combined with technological innovation, create an exciting opportunity for opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists to differentiate themselves and expand their business by creating better patient experiences.

A strong foundation

We’ve transformed into a global vision healthcare company by bringing together Briot, Weco, Luneau Technology, Visionix, Next Sight and Optovue, into one consolidated brand: Visionix.

A new way forward


“Technician turnover and its impact on patient flow is one of our customers’ biggest concerns, especially for those professionals who wish to have a more efficient office. Visionix technology leaves clinicians free to focus on patient consultations while technicians – regardless of experience – generate consistent and accurate data and test results. By using our equipment, optometrists can focus their patient consult time on more robust medical consultations or other growth opportunities to transform their practice.”

Mike Heiss
Vice President, US Sales – Diagnostics
Visionix USA

About us - product range

We are committed to

Empowering eye care professionals to excel at their craft and transform the patient care journey through intuitive, reliable and integrated solutions.

Our Values

Care for People

We aim to expand the accessibility of high-quality eyecare to a greater number of people

Desire for Freedom

We wish to reduce technical and operational constraints to free up eye care professionals

Spirit of Innovation

We cultivate non-conformism and a disruptive mindset

Culture of Performance

We create products that set new standards for functionality and precision

Join 135,000 eye care professionals using our products everyday

Visionix offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative instruments and solutions covering most needs of opticians, optometrists
and ophthalmologists.

1. The largest portfolio of visual health instruments

Over the past 100 years, renowned companies like Weco, Briot, Visionix, Nextsight and Optovue have developed solutions for refraction, diagnosis, lens finishing and measurement, meeting the requirements of all eyecare professionals.

They have now joined forces to become a powerful global player in the eye care industry.

About us - product range

2. Innovative Research and Development

Dr. Abitbol created Visionix® in 1994 with the ambition of making wave front, or Shack Hartmann, technology accessible to all. This technology was initially reserved for cutting edge sectors such as astronomy. His aim was
to use it for vision health care by including it in diagnostic and measurement instruments.
Since then, this spirit of disruptive innovation has been cultivated throughout the company, which operates R&D centers in Israel and France.

3. Close to our customers, internationally

We serve opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists directly across Europe and North America and through our partners in Asia and South America.

With an expanded product line, over 100 years of innovation, as well as a new level of support, clinical education, and practice integration, we are well positioned to help you unlock your potential.

Refraction at the touch of a button

“I always like to have the very latest in technology for my patients and I’m impressed. With Visionix’s Eye Refract, I get valid information quickly.”

Gregory O’Connor

OD, Malibu Eye Center Optometry, Malibu, California