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Eye Refract

Eye Refract, 7 years of proven performance. Discover all its benefits.

A.I powered binocular physiological refraction

Eye Refract, manufactured by Visionix, is the only Artificial Intelligence powered device that offers physiological refraction for determining the most comfortable prescription for your patients. Eye Refract has reforged the refraction process, allowing eye care professionals to optimize time spent with their patients. Eye Refract is powered by a unique and innovative technology which performs an automatic binocular refraction thanks to artificial intelligence.

Our ambassadors across Europe give you an insider’s view!

Speed up your process

“The time it used to take could be between 20 and 35-40 minutes. With an Eye Refract, today, it’s 6 to 7 minutes.”

-Olivier Hesteau – Krys stores owner

Perform refraction easily

“The device is intuitive. You just focus on your tablet, place the patient in front of the device and perform the tests that you are automatically prompted to do.”

-Fabio Delgago – Cottet Optica product manager

Guarantee the ultimate precision

“The reliability rates are 98% for progressive and 99% for single vision. So it really is quite incredible.”

-Olivier Hesteau – Krys stores owner

Impress your customers with a unique experience

“When we introduce our customers to the Eye Refract, they are very excited that it works so quickly and accurately.”

-Michelle Schenk – Optician

“For the patient, there is a “wow” effect.”

-Dr A. Vercesi – Ophthalmologist

Grow your business

“The adaptation renewal rate was 10%, it rose to 25% in one month. This is my best investment.”

-Olivier Hesteau – Krys stores owner