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The right equipment for accurate refractions

Technicians can take over refractometry in 80% of cases as they are guided by our intuitive wireless interfaces.​
Our systems are easy to use, affordable, and compact. For any diagnosis, we have the right equipment from the pre-test room to multimodal devices. Visionix’s Eye Refract allows clinicians to delegate refractometry to their technicians.

A technician who performs data collection with Visionix’s Eye Refract does not need to be trained in refraction, they just need to understand the mechanics to follow the algorithm-powered interface on the Samsung tablet. This wireless tablet-operation allows any trained user to perform refractometry from a distance, in another room, or even from another location. In a step-by-step process, a technician can perform accurate and repeatable data collection.

eye refract tablet
Male Patient Having Consultation With Doctor In Office
To run Visionix’s Eye Refract effectively, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a small footprint. When it comes to exam flow: the technician collects the data, the clinician receives the data electronically and reviews, and the clinician consults with the patient.

Current Eye Refract users report improved client satisfaction and reduced remake rates, allowing staff to sell lenses with confidence. Clinics with this technology share that the compact and modern Eye Refract exam setup and tablet-driven refraction process impress their patients and inspire positive online reviews.


With proper training, technicians can take over refractometry in 80% of cases while staff optometrists can focus on the remaining 10-20% of patients with more advanced symptoms. Algorithm-guided refractometry and this level of data accuracy can maximize valuable staff time and allow clinicians to stay in control of the full refraction process.