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Weco E12 from in front
Storage of the grinder
Edging the Edger in progress

Weco E12

Breaking the rules again

For those looking for the perfect entry level with drilling for your finishing workshop you simply can’t do better than the Weco E12

Gravitech optical tracing

  • Superior tracing accuracy for shapes over a mechanical tracer
  • Factors in the base curve of the lens to recreate the complete 3d shape of the lens
  • Intuitive shape modification
  • Vast internal memory of 2,000 Jobs and 10,000 shapes
  • Automatically recognize drill points with minimal adjustment needed

Gravitech blocking

  • Parallax free blocking on the gravity axis
  • High-definition camera system to analyze lens markings and engravings
  • Sturdy metal blocking army for increased reliability and precision

Gravitech® finishing

  • Edging on the gravity point of the lens ensures 1:1 shape reproduction of the lens
  • Fixed 10° grooving angle with adjustable depth and width
  • Front and back-side safety bevel on the lens
  • Fixed 10° drilling angle to cover the vast majority of drill jobs

Gravitech fitting

  • Fewer retouches and more accurate sizing with Gravitech
  • A superior fit and polish on a finished lens
  • Demo lens tracing prevents inaccurate trace results from frame distortion on thin metal eyewear
  • The demo lens trace represents the true shape needed to accurately fit in a frame

New optical frame tracing

  • When a demo lens is missing or broken, with Shape Creator in a few steps a frame can be traced optically.
Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

WIDTH : 29.4in (747.3mm)

DEPTH : 23.6in (600mm)

HEIGHT : 17.9in (455mm)

WEIGHT : 143lb (65,3Kg)

VOLTAGE : 230V-50Hz / 115V-60Hz

Complies with safety directives :

  • EN 61010-1,
  • Di 2006/42/EC,
  • Di 2014/35/UE,
  • Di 2011/65/UE,
  • Di 2012/19/UE

Complies with EMC directives :

  • Di 2014/30/EC,
  • EN 61000-3-3 (EN 55016-2-3 “Classe B”),
  • EN 61000-3-2,
  • EN 61000-6-2

UL standards for 120 V version :

  • UL/CSA 61010-1

Technical specifications

GraviTech 2.0

  • Accurate optical detection of demo lenses and patterns (including drill hole detection)
  • Gravity oriented 1:1 reproduction of the demo lens
  • Shape Creator optical frame tracing for when no demo lens is available

Shape administration

  • Job Memory: 2,000 Jobs (including Centering and Edging Parameters)
  • Shape Memory: 10,000 Shapes (including Drill Hole Parameters)
  • Shape Modification: A / B / 1/2 B/ Circumference / Radius / Axis


  • Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive (Markings and Engravings)
  • Manual centering: Parallax-free digital blocking
  • Lens fitting check (Measured prior blocking)


  • Processing of Glass, CR39, High Index, Polycarbonate and Trivex
  • Two Sided Measurement of lens with one touch probe
  • Multiple V-Bevel Programs
  • Polishing of Flat and V-Bevel

Special Features

  • Fixed 10° grooving angle incl. different programs
  • Variable Groove width and depth
  • Chamfering: Front in one step / Back in 3 steps
  • Fixed 10° drill angle


  • OMA V3.07
  • Remote Tracing Capability
  E12 E12 Groove
Tracing Gravitech Gravitech
Safety Bevel Yes Yes
Grooving Yes Yes
Super-Hydrophobic Lens Cycle Yes Yes
Small Eye Sizes < 21mm Yes Yes
Color LCD Display Yes Yes
Touch Screen Interface Yes Yes
High Luster Polish Yes Yes
Driling Fixed 10°  

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