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Visionix EyePix 3

Video system for slit lamps

The system consists of a digital video camera and software for processing data. Eyepix allows you to document and view your process and/or results, and dynamically display them as well. The screen allows you to follow your exam in real time and thus reassure your patient.

High Resolution

5 Megapixels high-definition image resolution produced by the 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor. All tiny subjects are shown clearly through the active imaging pixel array of 2,592 x 1,944. Edited for brightness, contrast, sharpness, zoom, etc.

Enhanced Auto Exposure

The target area size for auto exposure can be changed easily by moving the mouse lightly. Just control target area freely, and enjoy your clear vision.

Unique Snapshot Design

The infrared snapshot button is the most stable wireless control solution. Located on the joystick, it perfectly integrates with your slit lamp. You won’t miss a single image thanks to the special snapshot tone, and it can be turned on/off optionally.

Plug and Play USB

There is only one data line and no need for any power cable. Data is easily transmitted using plug and play USB. No extra hardware or complicated computer configuration is required.

Powerful Image Processing

Multiple output file formats are available, such as RAW, PNG, BMP, and JPG. All of the images in BMP format can be edited for brightness, contrast, sharpness, zoom, etc.

Practical Software Management

The simple design and intuitive interface faciliates operation. The professional patient information database supports centralized management.

Compact Size

The most compact digital module (135mmX 74mm X48.5mm) makes it convenient to install and easy to operate.

List of supplied equipment:

Imaging module body and IR joystick



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