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Visionix-VX25-Chart displays

Visionix VX 25

Space saving chart solution

This screen has been designed for optimal results in the prescreen exam room thanks to its ergonomic design, streamlined style, and the large number of tests included.
This device is used within the Eye Refract system for diagnostic purposes in ophthalmology, visual acuity and binocular vision testing.

Minimum distance and space needed

  • 5 m refraction at 80 cm
  • Only 1m2 needed
  • No obligation for a standard projection or with inverted mirrors

Secure patient’s comfort

  • Perfect results in less than 3 minutes
  • Comfortable patient experience
  • Almost natural conditions, projection to infinity minimizes the accommodation.
  • High contrast and natural head position.

Secure operator efficiency

  • User-friendly possibly operated by everyone
  • The space saving chart has its own environment / independent lighting
  • Wide choice of acuity scales
  • Standard and regular tests (regular spacing between letters)
  • Effective anti-reflection coating, black matt screen
Technical Specifications


Ref. 8225-0000-00

  • Screen type : LCD 1920×1200 pixels
  • Size : 7“ LCD (color) High resolution Monitor
  • Maximum contrast : 1000/1
  • Luminance : 250 cd/m2
  • Reading distance : 5 meters
  • Visual acuity range : 0.1 to 2.0 – 20/500 to 20/10
  • VX 25 power supply : 100-240V CA – 50/60Hz – 1.3A

Measurable range

  • Screen power supply : 12V DC
  • Consumption : Max 60W
  • Protection against electrics shocks : Class 1
  • IP Classification : IPXO
  • Size : 15mm (length) x 660mm (height) x 320mm (width)
  • Weight : 28kg
  • Connections with phoroptors : RS232-C or IR or wifi
  • Sound output : Sound output jack 3.5mm



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