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Visionix Nexy A.I.

Capture crystal clear retinal images

The NEXY A.I. solution allows you to expand your visual health offering. By playing an active role in retinal screening, you can support the health of your community and enhance your customer experience.

Excellent image quality

The NEXY camera utilizes an innovative cross-polarized light technology that provides excellent image quality while maintaining a compact footprint.

Early automatic detect signs of more than 13 different retinal pathologies

One side features the retinal camera, while the other boasts the artificial intelligence process of Nexy A.I. software, a cloud-based solution capable of automatically identifying over 13 retinal pathologies, including major conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy

No need to dilate the fundus through the pupil

The Nexy is a non-mydriatic retinograph that allows the observation, capture and recording of very high definition images without dilating the fundus through the pupil.

A.I. secures sensitivity and specificity

The ability of the A.I. to correctly tag a positive result is 93%
The ability of the A.I. to correctly tag a negative result is 90,6%

Automatic capture of high-quality images

For detailed screening and evaluation with minimal personal training

Modern gesture interaction

The intuitive interface facilitates a quick start and smooth navigation

Pleasant aesthetics

Small footprint and ergonomic design

Technical Specifications


Field of view : 45°

Field of view with mosaic function : 90°

Retinal resolution : 14 microns

Fixations : 7 fixations set-ups

Tablet dimensions : 10.4’’

Weight : 32,4lbs

Size : 13,4 x 16,9 x 18,1 in.


Image filters (vascular, choroidal, nerve fibre, red free)
Cup-to-disc ratio for glaucoma screening
Automatic mosaic function
Shared intranet folder
DICOM standard compatible
Fundus adapter to transfer images to a local PC


Full AI integration (option)
Cloud-based secure storage
Client-side data encryption
Automatic database backup
Review images from the password protected website, a network shared folder or a local PC
Multilevel account
Access by personal user

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