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Visionix Nexus

Visionix Nexus: platform for exchange and storage of anonymized and encrypted end-customer data

Visionix Nexus is a data exchange platform for eye care providers, supporting asynchronous telediagnosis, remote device control, and a way to access artificial intelligence database. It allows live interactions between optometrists, ophthalmologists, patients, and in-store operators. Nexus enables teleconsultation and examination grading through AI or human assessment

Improve your efficiency

Save time with automatic synchronization between connected Visionix devices and the cloud. Automatically backup patient data in a safe, encrypted environment and get automatic software updates to your devices.

At distance ophthalmologist assessment

2 solutions are possible: If you prefer to use an ophthalmologist you typically work with to do the grading, we will set up a connection between your device and your ophthalmologist. If you don’t have a preferred ophthalmologist, you can use our contracted ophthalmologist partner and still take your eye health offerings to the next level.

Improved service with ophthalmologist grading

Diversify your practice services and offer patients full eye health screenings. Conduct thorough anterior and posterior examinations using our versatile multimodal instrument or opt for a retina screening with our fundus camera, with grading provided by an ophthalmologist within 48 hours.

Optimize patient data management

Connect and synchronize all Visionix diagnostic instruments through the cloud and regularly backup patient data.

Easy and comprehensive

Provide a convenient solution for your consumers who don’t have easy access or don’t make regular visits to ophthalmologists as part of their routine eye health care.

Safe and secure

Patient sensitive data is kept secure through client-side data encryption. This entails encrypting patient data on the sender’s device before it’s sent to a server or cloud storage service. This approach safeguards customer data right from their own devices or networks, preventing external parties like cloud providers from accessing it.



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