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Optovue iFusion 80

The complete retinal imaging iFusion 80 Comprehensive OCT and Retinal Camera Platform

The iFusion 80 OCT and retinal imaging system has all the same powerful clinical tools as the Ivue with the added benefit of the iCam 12 retinal camera. The iFusion80 transforms the way you assess the retina, optic disc and the cornea. Quantify the thickness of the retina, nerve fiber layer, ganglion cell complex (GCC) and the cornea. Track changes and predict trends in RNFL and GCC thickness and precisely measure angles to aid in disease diagnosis.

Pachymetry and Epithelial Thickness Mapping

Visualize and quantify 6mm of epithelial, stromal and total corneal thickness tonidentify areas of thickening or thinning related to dry eye disease, keratoconus, or previous refractive surgery. The Change Analysis report measures changes in thickness between visits.

Vault mapping

Enables precise visualization of the lens-to-eye relationship for specialty lens fitting. Similar to the pachymetry scan, the iVue 80 , iFusion and iScan OCT systems map the space between the scleral lens and the cornea, providing an accurate clearance measurement.

Advanced GCC imaging

Advanced GCC imaging reveals ganglion cell and axon loss in optic nerve head disease. GCC thickness mapping improves clarity in structural change identification. Optovue’s exclusive FLV% and GLV% analyses increase GCC sensitivity and specificity.


The iWellnessExam is an Optovue exclusive that delivers a quick, easy OCT scan to promote better overall patient eye health. Its usefulness stems from a single, comprehensive report that depicts: retinal thickness and GCC® thickness with normative comparison, symmetry analysis, FLV% and GLV%, proprietary Optovue GCC metrics that provide important information to aid in ocular disease diagnosis and management and eight high-resolution B-scans.

Retinal mapping and analysis

Retina mapping with normative comparison, retina change analysis and 3D retinal imaging with en face presentation are all depicted in high-resolution, easy-to-interpret colour reports, combined with color Fundus photography.

Optic disc and RNFL assessment

Advanced capabilities include RNFL and GCC® combination reports with normative comparison as well as RNFL and GCC trend analysis — both standard.

Comprehensive anterior segment analysis

Anterior segment capabilities include highly detailed reports for pachymetry mapping, anterior segment angle measurement and Vault Mapping for specialty lens fitting.

3D and En Face imaging

3D en face view provides multi-layer, high-resolution virtual dissection of the retina and optic disc, and depicts them in a way that preserves the retina’s natural curvature. This reduces distortion for simpler interpretation and enhanced 3D visual assessment.

iCam12 fundus camera

High-performance fundus camera that delivers posterior and anterior segment images with exceptional depth, 45° colour and red-free imaging, with image sharpening. The system software is very easy to learn and enables fast, flexible image review right out of the gate. Optovue iFusion 80, automatically  overlays iVue OCT images onto the fundus photos.

Easy to use software

The system software is very intuitive with helpful graphics and timely prompts that walk you through an exam. Most users are up to speed quickly.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Scanner OCT Image : 80,000 A-scan/second

Depth Resolution (in tissue) : 5.0μm

Traverse Resolution : 15μm (retina)

Scan Range Depth : 2 – 2.3mm (retina)

Scan Beam Wavelength : 840nm (+/-10nm)

OCT Fundus Image (En Face) : FOV 12mm(H) x 9mm(V)

Minimum Pupil Diameter : 2.5mm

External Image (Live IR) FOV : 13mm x 9mm

Table Dimensions (in) : (W) 19.1 x (L) 34.4 x (H) 263-343

Networking specifications

Operating System : Windows 7, 8 and 10; 65-bit OS compatible

Processor Speed : 3.0 GHz; Intel Quad Core (desktop); Core 2 (laptop)

Network Bandwidth : 1 Gbps or higher

Computer RAM : 4 GB or higher

Monitor Resolution : 1920 x 1080 at 32-bit

iCam 12 Non- Mydriatic Fundus Camera

  • 45° color and red−free imaging
  • 12−megapixel camera for high-fidelity color saturation
  • Multi-visit view provides visit-to-visit comparison
  • Three-color display offers varying perspectives of the fundus while the emboss feature creates a 3D-like view for new insights into retinal health
  • Overlay feature to superimpose OCT images onto the fundus photo
  • External color photography documents conditions of the ocular surface

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