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MW 50D Digital

Led Slit lamp


New MW 50D Slit Lamp: a towards revolution in super-wide magnification fine optics. Available in clinical and digital versions.

Ultra wide magnification range

  • A newly-developed microscope with drum-type 5-step zoom and fine optics.
  • A new optical system enables bright imaging even at 50x magnification.
  • Drum-type zooming makes it easier to adjust the magnification within the wider range of 5x to 50x.
  • All optics for observation are multi-coated to enable clear and high-resolution images, resulting in extremely
    high quality optics.

High field of view eyepiece

  • Wide field of view observation is possible even when wearing eyeglasses. Eyepieces can be fixed to the microscope tube to reduce gaps.

15° tilting tube (option)

  • 15° tilting angle allows observation at a natural posture for taller users. It is also possible to reduce the angle for shorter users.

Convergence type eyepiece tube

  • The eyepiece tube converges at 8° from parallel optics for easy fusion, making more efficient and natural observation possible.

High operability

  • A new plate is employed for stress-free smooth focus adjustment.

Bright colors

  • A LED light source, whose wavelength is much closer to a halogen lamp, has been employed to give the slit lamp a bright, natural color. This eliminates the need for a filter to remove the common “bluish LED light” problem.

Digital camera

  • 5M pixel wide dynamic range CMOS camera that reproduces natural color
  • Captures images at a high frame rate of 30 fps for smooth movies

Images MW File

  • User-friendly, easy-to-view layout to suit wide monitors
  • High-resolution live view and movie capturing at1296 x 9 72 pixels
Technical Specifications


Features Value
Width 350 mm
Depth 678.5 mm
387 mm
5 W
(design lifetime not lamp one)
60,000 hours
(Lumen maintenance
factor 70% )
Type Drum-type 5-step zoom
(Angle of inclination: 13.2°)
Eyepiece magnification 12.5x
Total magnification 5×, 10×, 16×, 25×, 50×
Eyepiece diopter
adjustment range
-8D to+8D
PD adjustment range 55 mm to 80 mm
Working distance 100.5 mm
Reaching distance 314.0 mm
Illumination system
Light source 5W white LED
Slit width 0 mm to 16 mm continuously
Slit rotation angle 90° to right and left
Slit length ø 0.2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 14, 16 mm,
1 to 12 mm continuously variable
Slit vertical angle 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° from lower
Slit tilting width 8 mm to right and left from
target surface
Filters Fully transparent, ND
(12.5% reduction), green, blue
Arm unit
Rotation angle 90° to right and left
Cross slide table
Interface US232C, USB, IR
Horizontal movement 100x 110 mm (joystick operation)
Vertical movement 30 mm (joystick rotation) (joystick operation)
Digital camera
CCD 1/2.5» CMOS
Resolution 2592×1944 ppi resolution, 5-megapixel
Video image output  HD 1296×972 pixels
Frame rate 30 fps
Interface USB3.0
Power supply Input: 5V, Power consumption: 3W
Weight 790 g
Dimensions 107 (W) × 227 (H) × 55 (D) mm
Power unit
Input AC100V- 240V 50/60Hz
Output DC12V / 3.75A (max.)
Power consumption 35VA
Weight 450 g
Dimensions 105 (W) x 48.5 (H) x 130 (D) mm
MW Files system
OS Windows®7, 8.1, 10 / 64 bit
CPU Intel Core i5, 1.5 GHz or more
Memory 2 GB or more
Interface USB3.0 (1 port or more), or USB2.0
(1 port or more)
Monitor resolution 1366×768 pixels or more
Optical drive
DVD/CD drive
DVD/CD drive
Data storage
Still image JPEG
Movie AVI

Model Comparison Feature

MW 50D Digital

MW 50D Clinical

VX 80

Magnifications 5x/10x/16x/25x/50x 5x/10x/16x/25x/50x 3x/5x
Parallel version ✔️
Convergent version ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Height adjustment:
manual version
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Height adjustment:
motorized version
Slit width 0 - 16 mm Continually 0 - 16 mm Continually 0 - 14 mm Continually
Slit length 1 - 16 mm Continually 1 - 16 mm Continually 1 - 12mm Continually
Slit apertures 16; 14; 10; 5; 2; 1; 0,2mm 16; 14; 10; 5; 2; 1; 0,2mm 12; 9; 5; 3; 1; 0,2mm
Tyndall point Ø 0,2mm Ø 0,2mm Ø 0,2mm
Slit rotation ± 90° Continually on TABO scheme ± 90° Continually on TABO scheme ± 90° Continually on TABO scheme
Working distance 100.5mm 100.5mm 88mm
Average viewing height 374mm 374mm 375mm
Max light intensity 300 000 Lux 300 000 Lux 350 000 Lux
Longitudinal (In/Out) 100mm 100mm 113 mm
Lateral (Left/Right) 110mm 110mm 107 mm
Vertical (Up/Down) 30mm 30mm 30 mm
Chin-rest height 76mm from table surface 76mm from table surface 66 31mm
Stereo angle
Eyepiece 12,5x 12,5x 12,5x
Total magnification/field of view (in mm) for 2 magnifications
Total magnification/field of view (in mm) for 3 magnifications 8x /30 ; 14x /16 ; 24x / 9
Total magnification/field of view (in mm) for 5 magnifications
5x/44.5; 10x/22,3;
16x/14,2; 25x/9 ; 50x/4,5
5x/44.5; 10x/22,3;
16x/14,2; 25x/9 ; 50x/4,5
5x/45; 8x/30; 14x/16; 24x /9; 36x / 5, 8
Pupillary adjustement 55 - 80mm 55 - 80mm 48,5 - 80mm
Diopter ajustment +/- 8D +/- 8D +/- 6D
Blue (fluorescence) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Green (red-free) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Grey (anti heat) ND (12.5%) ND (12.5%) ✔️
Yellow ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Power supply Provided Provided 8475-8001-00
Power supply for the slit lamp DC12V DC12V ~12V CA
Power supply for the fixation point DC12V DC12V 12V
Input voltage
100V - 240V AC;
100V - 240V AC;
110V / 220V AC; 60/50Hz
Fusible T400mmAH 250V T400mmAH 250V
"100-120V CA -- 1A 230-
240V CA -- 0,5A"
Width 350mm 350mm 299mm
Depth 387mm 387mm 313mm
Height 678.5mm 678.5mm 644±15mm
Weight Packed: 22Kg Packed: 22Kg
Lamp: 8,7Kg
Digital lamp: 9,4Kg
MDD, CE ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Safety class I I I
Parts applied Type B Type B Type B
Tonometer 8475-8000-00 8475-8000-00 8480-8000-00
Tonometer support plate 8226-8400-04 8226-8400-04 8480-8003-00

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