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MW 50D clinical

Led Slit lamp


New MW 50D Slit Lamp: a towards revolution in super-wide magnification fine optics. Available in clinical and digital versions.

Ultra wide magnification range

  • A newly-developed microscope with drum-type 5-step zoom and fine optics.
  • A new optical system enables bright imaging even at 50x magnification.
  • Drum-type zooming makes it easier to adjust the magnification within the wider range of 5x to 50x.
  • All optics for observation are multi-coated to enable clear and high-resolution images, resulting in extremely
    high quality optics.

High field of view eyepiece

  • Wide field of view observation is possible even when wearing eyeglasses. Eyepieces can be fixed to the microscope tube to reduce gaps.

15° tilting tube (option)

  • 15° tilting angle allows observation at a natural posture for taller users. It is also possible to reduce the angle for shorter users.

Convergence type eyepiece tube

  • The eyepiece tube converges at 8° from parallel optics for easy fusion, making more efficient and natural observation possible.

High operability

  • A new plate is employed for stress-free smooth focus adjustment.

Bright colors

  • An LED light source, whose wavelength is much closer to a halogen lamp, has been employed to give the slit lamp a bright, natural color. This eliminates the need for a filter to remove the common “bluish LED light” problem.
Technical Specifications


Features Value
Width 350 mm
Depth 678.5 mm
387 mm
5 W
(design lifetime not lamp one)
60,000 hours
(Lumen maintenance
factor 70% )
Type Drum-type 5-step zoom
(Angle of inclination: 13.2°)
Eyepiece magnification 12.5x
Total magnification 5×, 10×, 16×, 25×, 50×
Eyepiece diopter
adjustment range
-8D to+8D
PD adjustment range 55 mm to 80 mm
Working distance 100.5 mm
Reaching distance 314.0 mm
Illumination system
Light source 5W white LED
Slit width 0 mm to 16 mm continuously
Slit rotation angle 90° to right and left
Slit length ø 0.2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 14, 16 mm,
1 to 12 mm continuously variable
Slit vertical angle 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° from lower
Slit tilting width 8 mm to right and left from
target surface
Filters Fully transparent, ND
(12.5% reduction), green, blue
Arm unit
Rotation angle 90° to right and left
Cross slide table
Interface US232C, USB, IR
Horizontal movement 100x 110 mm (joystick operation)
Vertical movement 30 mm (joystick rotation)

Model Comparison Feature

MW 50D Digital

MW 50D Clinical

VX 80

Magnifications 5x/10x/16x/25x/50x 5x/10x/16x/25x/50x 3x/5x
Parallel version ✔️
Convergent version ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Height adjustment:
manual version
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Height adjustment:
motorized version
Slit width 0 - 16 mm Continually 0 - 16 mm Continually 0 - 14 mm Continually
Slit length 1 - 16 mm Continually 1 - 16 mm Continually 1 - 12mm Continually
Slit apertures 16; 14; 10; 5; 2; 1; 0,2mm 16; 14; 10; 5; 2; 1; 0,2mm 12; 9; 5; 3; 1; 0,2mm
Tyndall point Ø 0,2mm Ø 0,2mm Ø 0,2mm
Slit rotation ± 90° Continually on TABO scheme ± 90° Continually on TABO scheme ± 90° Continually on TABO scheme
Working distance 100.5mm 100.5mm 88mm
Average viewing height 374mm 374mm 375mm
Max light intensity 300 000 Lux 300 000 Lux 350 000 Lux
Longitudinal (In/Out) 100mm 100mm 113 mm
Lateral (Left/Right) 110mm 110mm 107 mm
Vertical (Up/Down) 30mm 30mm 30 mm
Chin-rest height 76mm from table surface 76mm from table surface 66 31mm
Stereo angle
Eyepiece 12,5x 12,5x 12,5x
Total magnification/field of view (in mm) for 2 magnifications
Total magnification/field of view (in mm) for 3 magnifications 8x /30 ; 14x /16 ; 24x / 9
Total magnification/field of view (in mm) for 5 magnifications
5x/44.5; 10x/22,3;
16x/14,2; 25x/9 ; 50x/4,5
5x/44.5; 10x/22,3;
16x/14,2; 25x/9 ; 50x/4,5
5x/45; 8x/30; 14x/16; 24x /9; 36x / 5, 8
Pupillary adjustement 55 - 80mm 55 - 80mm 48,5 - 80mm
Diopter ajustment +/- 8D +/- 8D +/- 6D
Blue (fluorescence) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Green (red-free) ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Grey (anti heat) ND (12.5%) ND (12.5%) ✔️
Yellow ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Power supply Provided Provided 8475-8001-00
Power supply for the slit lamp DC12V DC12V ~12V CA
Power supply for the fixation point DC12V DC12V 12V
Input voltage
100V - 240V AC;
100V - 240V AC;
110V / 220V AC; 60/50Hz
Fusible T400mmAH 250V T400mmAH 250V
"100-120V CA -- 1A 230-
240V CA -- 0,5A"
Width 350mm 350mm 299mm
Depth 387mm 387mm 313mm
Height 678.5mm 678.5mm 644±15mm
Weight Packed: 22Kg Packed: 22Kg
Lamp: 8,7Kg
Digital lamp: 9,4Kg
MDD, CE ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Safety class I I I
Parts applied Type B Type B Type B
Tonometer 8475-8000-00 8475-8000-00 8480-8000-00
Tonometer support plate 8226-8400-04 8226-8400-04 8480-8003-00

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