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Optovue Avanti with Angiovue OCT Angiography

Non-invasive vascular imaging

Add AngioVue OCT Angiography (OCTA) to the Avanti platform to bring non-invasive vascular imaging with measurement tools to your practice. Angiography provides a non-invasive, dye less technique for visualizing the presence of flow in the retinal vessels.

Enhance eye health exams

AngioWellness scan enables comprehensive assessment of your diabetic patients and glaucoma suspects by combining structural information on retinal and ganglion cell thickness with objective metrics on retinal vasculature. Utilize Faz Analytics to uncover early indicators of diabetic changes. This all-in-one report streamlines your exam process by quickly confirming normal—or helping you more efficiently diagnose pathology.

Tailor your approach to treatment

Multiple AngioVue reports let you look at data and focus in on irregularities and changes.

  • AngioRetinaOverVue
  • AngioRetina with AngioAnalytics
  • AngioRetinaQuickVue
  • AngioDiscOverVue
  • AngioDisc QuickVue
  • AngioRetina MultiScan and Trend
  • AngioDisc with AngioAnalytics
  • AngioDisc MultiScan and Trend

Extensive nerve fiber layer analysis

Take your analysis of the nerve fiber layer to the next level with Avanti’s trend analysis software, which tracks change in RNFL and GCC thickness and provides an estimate of future progression. This comprehensive analysis allows you to personalize treatment protocols and enhance your patients’ understanding of their disease.

Exclusive Analytics

AngioAnalytics help measure flow area by outlining a region for vessel detection. The extracted Flow Area measurement is based on the Outer Retina slab (OPL ~ BRM). Measurements include Foveal Avascular Zone (FAZ) area, perimeter, and foveal vessel density

FullRange of cutting-edge technologies

AngioVue Projection Artifact Removal 3D Projection Artifact Removal (PAR) reduces projection artifact in all posterior layers by performing vessel-by-vessel analysis to remove artefactual vessels while keeping authentic vasculature, which is essential for accurate image interpretation and quantification.

Built for efficiency

The Avanti system is designed with the efficiency of your practice in mind. Scan patients faster with 70,000 A-scans per second, rapidly process scans with Avanti’s background processing engine, and quickly identify potential problems with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.

Technical Specifications


. Value
OCT Scanning Speed 70,000 A-scans per second
Optical Axial Resolution ~5 microns (digital pixel sampling = 3 μm)
Optical Transverse Resolution ~15 microns
OCT Axial Imaging Depth 2 to 3 mm (dependent on scan protocol)
AngioVue Imaging Volume 304 x 304 A-scans (for non-HD scans), 400 x 400 A-scans (for HD scans)
Acquisition Time Per OCTA Imaging Volume ~3 seconds
AngioVue Imaging Size (Retina) 3x3mm, 6x6mm HD, 8x8mm (AngioVue Essential includes 6x6mm scan only)
AngioVue Imaging Size (Optic Disc) 4.5×4.5mm HD, 6x6mm HD
Field of View 12x9mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2.3mm


. Value
Operating System Windows 7; 64-bit OS compatible
Hard Drive Availability Minimum 50GB
Processor Speed Minimum Intel i5, recommended Intel i7, 3 GHz or higher
Computer RAM Minimum 8GB RAM, recommended 16GB RAM
Dedicated Graphics Card Not required, recommended NVIDIA GTX 970
Monitor Resolution 1920×1080, 1680×1050, 1600×1024, 1600×900
Network Bandwidth 1 Gbps or higher


. Value
Width 37.4 inches (950mm)
Depth 23.6 inches (600mm)
Height (Adjustable) 27.4-35.2 inches (695-995mm)



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