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Optovue iScan 80 OCT

The OCT that practically runs itself

iScan 80 offers a fully-integrated system which includes a full suite of retina, optic nerve and anterior segment scans. It detects the eye to be scanned, aligns the camera over the pupil and optimises the scan signal strength. After completing scan acquisition, iScan 80 evaluates each scan to ensure quality data has been captured.

Gain new information on ocular structures

Optovue iScan 80 OCT offers all of the scans available on a traditional OCT with the added benefit of simplified operation. Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient with the assistance of iScan 80’s Pupil Alignment Technology, choosing the scan and pushing start.

Quick and easy scan acquisition

Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient with the assistance of iScan 80’s Pupil Alignment Technology, choosing the scan and pushing start. iScan 80 performs all of the focus and alignment operations while talking the patient through the entire exam.

Space saving design

Compact and portable, iscan 80’s streamlined design integrates the operator interface, display, patient interface and scan head into one console that can be moved from station to station and mounted on any tabletop. Then comes the easy part—plug in, switch on and start scanning.

Enhance your eye health exam

Take a new approach to protecting your patients’ eye health with the Optovue iWellness Exam, available only from Visionix. This quick and easy scan gives you a detailed look at the health of your patient’s retina and ganglion cell complex with robust normative comparison, to help you identify signs of disease before they may be noticeable on clinical exam. And because the iWellness scan is separate from the iScan 80 medically billable scans, it provides a new revenue stream for the practice.

Flexible scan packages

iScan 80 is available in two configurations to give you flexibility in incorporating OCT. iScan 80 offers the iWellness scan as well as basic retina and glaucoma scans for practices who are new to OCT technology. For practices seeking a fully-featured system, iScan 80 Comprehensive provides iWellness along with all of the retina, optic disc and anterior segment scans available on the iVue system. The iScan80 Essential system can be upgraded to iScan 80 Comprehensive at any time.

Technical Specifications


Feature Value
OCT Image 80,000 A-scan/second
Depth Resolution (in tissue) 5.0 μm
Transverse Resolution 15 μm (retina)

Scan range

. Value
Depth 2 – 2.3mm (retina)
Scan Beam Wavelength 840nm (+/-10nm)

OCT Fundus image face

. Value
FOV (H) 21° x (V) 21°
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2mm
External Image (Live IR) FOV 13mm x 8mm


. Value
Dimensions (in.) (W) 19.81 x (L) 15.83 x (H) 17.82
Weight (lb.) 42.94

Networking requirements

. Value
Operating System Win 10 – 64 bit
Processor Speed Intel® Celeron (i7-8700T 2.40 GHz)
Network Bandwidth 1Gbps or higher
Computer RAM 16 GB or higher
Monitor Resolution 24 in.1920×1080 60Hz
DICOM compatible

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