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Optovue Avanti

Simply stunning OCT image quality

The OCT Platform with Premier Clinical Capabilities Created for Today’s Comprehensive Practice. The Avanti Widefield OCT embodies the latest technology in retinal, optic nerve and anterior segment OCT imaging to deliver unprecedented views and in-depth analysis of ocular structures. This state-of-the-art system is also the platform for AngioVue OCT Angiography, giving you the flexibility to add functional imaging capability at any time.

Enhance eye health exams

The iWellness Exam is an Optovue exclusive available on all Optovue OCT systems that delivers a quick, easy OCT scan to promote better overall patient eye health. Its usefulness stems from a single, comprehensive report. iWellness Exams benefit ECPs by providing a valuable assessment tool that can reveal the need for more extensive imaging.

Tailor your approach to treatment

Avanti Widefield OCT gives you new information on structures outside the traditional 6×6 mm cube, separates the retina into distinct layers for detailed assessment, offers views of the vitreous and deep choroid, and gives you the ability to monitor change over time. With the extensive information delivered by the Avanti System, you can tailor your approach to treatment and truly personalize patient care.

Extensive nerve fiber layer analysis

Take your analysis of the nerve fiber layer to the next level with Avanti’s trend analysis software, which tracks change in RNFL and GCC thickness and provides an estimate of future progression. This comprehensive analysis allows you to personalize treatment protocols and enhance your patients’ understanding of their disease.

Cornea advance: intelligent oct imaging for the anterior segment

Expand the clinical utility of your OCT to address a broad range of patients in your practice. With Avanti’s Cornea Advance, you can visualize and measure corneal angles, quantify corneal thickness and track change in thickness between visits. Avanti’s Total Cornea Power software allows you to precisely calculate IOL powers in post-refractive surgery patients to optimize their visual outcomes and truly personalize their care.

Built for efficiency

The Avanti system is designed with the efficiency of your practice in mind. Scan patients faster with 70,000 A-scans per second, rapidly process scans with Avanti’s background processing engine, and quickly identify potential problems with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.

Technical Specifications


. Value
OCT Scanning Speed 70,000 A-scans per second
Optical Axial Resolution ~5 microns (digital pixel sampling = 3 μm)
Optical Transverse Resolution ~15 microns
OCT Axial Imaging Depth 2 to 3 mm (dependent on scan protocol)
AngioVue Imaging Volume 304 x 304 A-scans (for non-HD scans), 400 x 400 A-scans (for HD scans)
Acquisition Time Per OCTA Imaging Volume ~3 seconds
AngioVue Imaging Size (Retina) 3x3mm, 6x6mm HD, 8x8mm (AngioVue Essential includes 6x6mm scan only)
AngioVue Imaging Size (Optic Disc) 4.5×4.5mm HD, 6x6mm HD
Field of View 12x9mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2.3mm

Networking requirements

. Value
Operating System Windows 7; 64-bit OS compatible
Hard Drive Availability Minimum 50GB
Processor Speed Minimum Intel i5, recommended Intel i7, 3 GHz or higher
Computer RAM Minimum 8GB RAM, recommended 16GB RAM
Dedicated Graphics Card Not required, recommended NVIDIA GTX 970
Monitor Resolution 1920×1080, 1680×1050, 1600×1024, 1600×900
Network Bandwidth 1 Gbps or higher


. Value
Width 37.4 inches (950mm)
Depth 23.6 inches (600mm)
Height (Adjustable) 27.4-35.2 inches (695-995mm)

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