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Mesure de la monture par la meuleuse E52
Interface de la meuleuse E52

Weco E52

Maximum flexibility for your lab The Weco E52 provides you with all the tools you need to achieve the best results in optical craftsmanship. From different bevel types and groove, to angular drilling, the E52 is the premier answer for modern frame fashions and maximum flexibility for your lab.

Highest accuracy in frame tracing

The CT46 combines the best available tracing methods. One innovative feature is the very smooth manual blocking system. The TrueScan tracing mechanism ensures extremely accurate
and reproducible results. Together with GraviTech technology, all types of frames will be traced with unparalleled precision.

Innovative stylus that can trace the toughest frames

The stylus technology allows precise binocular tracing of frames up to a base curve 9. By tilting, the stylus tip always touches the bottom of the frame groove, delivering perfect results even on asymmetric frame groove profiles.

Intelligent shape repair

The CT46 can accurately reconstruct broken or defective demo lenses with minimal effort.

Smart edging torque management system (TMS)

Weco E52 intelligently adjusts its edging cycles to the thickness of the lens and material. New sensors and improved software maintain constant pressure on the lens, thus reducing edging time with no risk of misalignment, especially on hydrophobic lenses.

Mini-bevel for precision fitting

In addition to standard bevel programs, there is also a manual bevel program available, which allows you to manipulate the bevel position at any point of the lens shape after the measuring cycle is performed. This allows full operator control of the bevel before edging.

Technical Specifications



  • HEIGHT 645 mm (25.3 in)
  • WIDTH 325 mm (12.8 in)
  • DEPTH 545 mm (21.4 in)
  • WEIGHT 21 kg (46.3 lbs)
  • VOLTAGE 100V – 240V
    50Hz / 60Hz


  • HEIGHT 600 mm (23.62 in)
  • WIDTH 527 mm (20.75 in)
  • DEPTH 538 mm (21.18 in)
  • WEIGHT 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • VOLTAGE 230V
    50Hz / 60Hz


Weco CT46 – Tracer / Blocker

Database • Number of jobs: 5 000
• Number of shapes: 10 000
• Number of Frame Manufacturers / Folders: 100
Mechanical Trace • Powered by unique TrueScan Frame Tracing Technology
• Low Pressure clamping
• Reduced Tracing pressure
• Adapted Tracing speed
• Binocular Tracing in ~31s
• Tilted Stylus Technology for binocular tracing up to base 9
• Easy operation through touchscreen
Optical Trace • Powered by patented GraviTech in HD
• Maximum «A» Dimension: 70mm
• Maximum «B» Dimension: 60mm
• Shape Modification
• Automatic Drill Hole Detection
• Easy Drill Hole Modification and Placement
Centering /
• Parallax Free Decentration and Blocking
• High Definition Camera
• Highlight and Visualize Laser engravings
• 3D Pupillary Distance Correction

Weco E52

• Torque Management System(TMS) advanced edging cycle.
• Four 90mm wheels that edge all materials including CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, High-Index, and Glass.
• Integrated drilling functions including countersunk holes, notches, blind, and oblong holes. The drilling angle adjusts dynamically from 0-30°.
• Front and backside lens curvature measurement accuracy of 50 microns.
• Visual preview of lens before starting the roughing cycle.
• 4 different bevel program modes including Percentage(default), Base curve, Controlled Bevel(manual), and Automatic.
• Variable chuck pressure based on lens material and coatings.
• Minimum edging diameters:
Rimless Polish = 17mm,
Grooved Polish = 18.2mm,
Bevel Polish = 18.6mm,
Polish with Safety Bevel = 21mm.
• This needs to be positioned above edging diameters.
• 4 different grooving modes including Percentage(default), Base curve, Controlled Bevel(manual), Automatic.
• Front and backside safety bevel.
Other Features / Options • VCA / OMA standard data protocol through RS232 or optional TCP / IP interface
• Compatible with Weco equipment
• For best results for drilling we recommend the following blocking systems:
– Weco C4
– Weco C6
• For best results for tracing we recommend the following tracing systems:
– Weco T6

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