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We help your practice to stand out

New technology combined with greater efficiency will allow you to spend more time with your patients.​
Male Patient Having Consultation With Doctor In Office
Our equipment frees up optometrists to focus on the clinical side of the business. Our easy-to-use devices can be taught to technicians quickly so they can assist in data collection.
With an effective delegation process in place, doctors can focus more time on counseling their patients, especially those who need a thorough eye exam, LASIK, or cataract surgery.
Our user-friendly technology requires little training and is accurate in diagnosing ocular eye diseases. This means a trained technician can sit with a patient to collect data before the patient ever meets the doctor. Optometrists can then seamlessly access reliable eye data through an electronic health record system.
With proper training, technicians can perform refraction in 80% of cases, allowing optometrists to focus on the remaining 10-20% of patients with more advanced symptoms. Algorithm-guided refractions and this level of data accuracy can maximize valuable staff time and allow clinicians to stay in control of the full refraction process.
The combination of new technology, a modern optical setup, a streamlined exam process, and co-management of the full patient experience can help elevate your brand and differentiate your practice.