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Business owner

Our equipment allows for more rapid patient flow

You can generate more efficiency in the running of your business by adopting our latest technologies.
We understand that return on investment is a high priority for the small business owner. That’s why our multifunctional devices like the Eye Refract and Briot Couture will inevitably pay for themselves while also empowering your practice to do more.
When you purchase a product from us, you’re immediately enrolled in our online academy which can train your staff through videos, testimonials, and webinars. Our Clinical Application Specialists can also train your staff on-site.
Visionix Academy
You can capture more eye exams and generate more revenue if you offer each patient who comes in for a comprehensive eye exam with the wellness package. This provides them with both a wellness and medical checkup.
Our systems are easy to use, affordable, and compact. With our vast selection of multimodal devices, we have the right equipment for your practice’s needs.
EyeRefract-Visionix-binocular refraction
Patients are impressed with the efficiency and accuracy of our innovative Eye Refract, which takes half the time of a traditional phoropter, and allows for a more rapid patient flow.