Visionix Nexy

Capture crystal clear retinal images

This next generation fundus camera combines robotic movements and advanced imaging technology to quickly capture retinal images. An innovative design based on cross-polarized light allows for a small footprint with excellent fidelity. Nexy allows auto alignment, auto focus and auto capture—making it easy to use and train staff to deliver consistently accurate photos. High quality images with a 45-degree view to provide detailed screening for easy diagnosis. A 90-degree view is available using a mosaic function.

Excellent image quality

The NEXY camera utilizes an innovative cross-polarized light technology that provides excellent image quality while maintaining a compact footprint.

No need to dilate the fundus through the pupil

The Nexy is a non-mydriatic retinograph that allows the observation, capture and recording of very high definition images without dilating the fundus through the pupil.

Automatic capture of high-quality images

For detailed screening and evaluation with minimal personnel training

Modern gesture interaction

The intuitive interface facilitates a quick start and smooth navigation

Pleasant aesthetics

Small footprint and ergonomic design

Technical Specifications


Field of view : 45°

Field of view with mosaic function : 90°

Retinal resolution : 14 microns

Fixations : 7 fixations set-ups

Tablet dimensions : 10.4’’

Weight : 32,4lbs

Size : 13,4 x 16,9 x 18,1 in.


Image filters (vascular, choroidal, nerve fibre, red free)
Cup-to-disc ratio for glaucoma screening
Automatic mosaic function
Shared intranet folder
DICOM standard compatible
Fundus adapter to transfer images to a local PC


Full AI integration (option)
Cloud-based secure storage
Client-side data encryption
Automatic database backup
Review images from the password protected website, a network shared folder or a local PC
Multilevel account
Access by personal user

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