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Visionix Eye Refract

Computer algorithm guided, open-field binocular wavefront refraction

The Eye Refract system uses dual, Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometers, combined with a fully automated digital phoropter, to deliver highly accurate and reproducible refractions in less than four minutes. The tablet-driven process can be conducted by a staff member with limited training while still delivering consistent results.

Essential for refractive surgeons

  • Accuracy and repeatability are twice as high, even in cases of strong ametropia 
  • Non operator dependent 
  • More physiological (Dynamic Binocular Rx), avoids a high amount of subjectivity 
  • More precise (aberrometry more accurate on the cylinder axis) 
  • More accurate and reliable data, resulting in increased patient satisfaction 

Comfortable eye exam for eye care professionals and patient

  • Easier for the patient to understand the refraction process 
  • Fewer patient questions in comparison with a standard refraction 
  • Unlike traditional RX, the patient is only asked to compare with clear vision
  • The patient feels comfortable with his/her new vision
  • Less variability in the patient’s answers 
  • Easier interpretation and analysis for the eye care professional 

Dedicated time for a deep discussion with patients

  • With Eye Refract, the complete refraction process takes less than 4 minutes 
  • Drastic reduction of patient wait time with increased practice efficiency 
  • More time dedicated for other eye health OR vision 
  • More time to inform patients about how to correct their visual defects

Delegate refraction data collection with confidence

  • Computer-generated algorithms embedded in the Eye Refract solution guides any staff member 
  • Minimal staff training needed
  • Quick Pro steps ensure any operator delivers consistent results
  • Results are based on the patient’s physiological reactions which require no operator interpretation
  • Results are them easily repeatable
  • The final prescription data is sent to the eye care professional for confirmation and sign off 

A solution easily managed remotely

  • Our tablet-driven Visionix solutions allow eye care professionals to perform exams remotely
Technical Specifications



  • RS-232 / USB2.0 / VGA / LAN
  • Embedded bluetooth / Wifi


  • Tablet: Android
  • Chinrest: Electrical
  • Near Vision Target: 250-700mm, Mini tablet 7“
  • Head: Autofocus, autocentering


  • Sph: -30.00D to +27.25D
  • Sph step: 0.125 / 0.25D
  • Cyl: -8.00 to +8.00D
  • Cyl step: 0.25 / 0.50 / 1D
  • Optical axis: 0 to 180°
  • Axis step: 1° / 5° / 10° / 45°
  • Prisms: 0 to 20D
  • Prims steps: 0.25D
  • Kerato: 6mm-9mm (37.5D-56D)


  • Wifi

Shack Hartmann Camera: Each of the 1050 points = one measure

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