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Practice owner

Frees up more time for patient

The benefits of having technicians perform refractions means doctors can spend more time counseling their patients.
A practice owner can delegate data collection to a technician when using our devices. Our user-friendly technology requires little training and is accurate in diagnosing ocular eye diseases. This frees up the doctor to spend more time with patients.
Independent medical doctors wishing to expedite the refraction process need to look no further than the Visionix Eye Refract. With over 5.5 million refractions to date and accuracy backed by published ARVO studies, the Eye Refract is a device on which you can confidently rely on.It can generate accurate prescriptions with more repeatable results than peer-to-peer refractions.
Screening device
Patients are impressed with the efficiency and accuracy of the Eye Refract, which takes half the time of a traditional phoropter, and allows for more rapid patient flow.
The Eye Refract takes the guesswork out of trying to find trained refractors who can do reliable refractions. Training on the system is fast and simple. Visionix’s clinical staff trains new users to follow a scripted, tablet-driven process that generates reliable recommended final prescriptions.
A trained technician can sit with a patient to collect data before the patient ever meets the doctor. Doctors can then seamlessly access this reliable eye data through an electronic health record system.