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Precise diagnosis

Our OCT devices allow for the early diagnosis of retinal disease and bring suspicious images of macular degeneration and diabetic changes to the forefront.
Photo by Jonathan Meyer:
Our multifunctional OCT and OCT-A devices can detect and identify eye diseases and vascular changes at a precise level. Our AngioVue OCT Angiography can determine if a patient is experiencing retinal detachment or if there is bleeding in the retina.
The AngioVue can pick up diabetes and identify early vascular changes at the highest level. It can prompt doctors to check the pressure in a patient’s eye to ensure there are no early signs of glaucoma and can explore retinal layers in detail.
We manufacture innovative technology that improves the OCT and refraction processes. Technicians are empowered to learn additional skill sets and with the push of a button can produce eye data that seamlessly integrates with most EMRs.
The beauty of our Eye Refract is that results are accurate, repeatable, and make the refraction process much more efficient. Its compact setup, at just 2×4 feet, is ideal for hospitals with limited space.
We can assess disease progression over several years using a multi-scan view to see how vessel density decreases significantly with disease severity. The reports our OCTs generate are powerful tools for comprehensive eye exams.