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Repeatable refraction

With space at a premium and a shortage of technicians, our Eye Refract allows for greater efficiency in the refraction process in a small footprint.
Photo by Jonathan Meyer:
Visionix is working with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals to delegate refraction and make the process more efficient at each government location.
The beauty of our Eye Refract is that results are accurate, repeatable, and make the refraction process run much more efficiently.
The Eye Refract takes the guesswork out of trying to find trained refractors who can do reliable refractions. Training on the system is fast and simple.
With an effective delegation process in place, doctors can focus more time on counseling their patients, especially those who need a thorough eye exam, LASIK, or cataract surgery.
Male Patient Having Consultation With Doctor In Office
The Eye Refract’s compact setup is valuable for VA hospitals with limited space. It takes up just 2×4 feet and is comprised of a highly automated, binocular, and dynamic digital phoropter combined with wavefront-based auto-refractometry and keratometry (AR/K), a digital acuity short chart, and an integrated lens analyzer.