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Next generation FullRange®
Spectral Domain OCT / OCT-A

Enhanced reporting helps you save sight


Optovue Solix is the next generation FullRange® OCT and OCT-Angiography with a multitude of imaging options, enhanced metrics, integrated fundus camera, and external IR imaging.


FullRange® Anterior Segment

FullRange single scan imaging shows entire anterior chamber from the front of the cornea to the anterior surface of the lens or entire Crystalline lens.

  • Angle scan with 4-up display enables visualization and quantification of angle structure.
  • 10mm Corneal Layer Map shows epithelial, stromal and total corneal thickness with change analysis.
  • External IR imaging displays structure of the upper and lower lids


New advanced scans and glaucoma analytics take glaucoma scanning to the next level, incorporating Dual Track, SSADA, MCT, and AI segmentation with repeatability and reproducibility 2 times better than before.

FullRange Retina

FullRange Retina

FullRange single scan imaging generates all necessary images and data for comprehensive retinal analysis — even in highly myopic patients.

  • AngioVue OCT-A provides visualization and quantification of retinal vasculature.
  • Quad-Montage allows widefield visualization of the peripheral retina.
  • 3D OCT-A rendering enables visualization of vascular connectivity.
Solix Wellness

Wellness and AngioWellness

Wellness capabilities that have become part of a new standard of care for patient suspected of both retinal pathologies and/or glaucoma. The AngioWellness scan enables comprehensive assessment of your diabetic patients and glaucoma suspects by combining structural information on retinal and ganglion cell thickness with objective metrics on retinal vasculature. Utilize FAZ Analytics to uncover early indicators of diabetic changes.