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Unique 3D visualization and intelligent edging

See your work before you start to edge precisely

Briot Couture

is a highly intuitive lens finishing system suitable for any optical store. Briot Couture is our newest and most advanced finishing platform yet and includes the world’s first virtual 3D lens rendering technology to simplify the finishing process for all opticians.


WaveFront aberrometry, developed by Visionix®, lets you preview the actual design of the lens and accurately position it so it comfortably fits your patient. With progressive lenses, the near-sighted zone can be perfectly positioned to the wearer’s needs.

Unhide Marking

With Visionix(R) owned parallax free imaging system you can center the most valuable and critcal lenses according to the hidden markings without the need of marking them

Unrevealed Power Map

With Visionix(R) Power Map Technology review the power over the whole lens area. Finally see how the lens design is in reality

Tailormade Shape Modification

By overlaying the map the shape of semi-rimless or rimless lenses can be adapted individually without affecting the relevant lens zones.

Allows for the most creatives designs

Briot Couture offers the only tracer on the market that can create a 3D model of the entire frame, including thickness, shape, and groove placement. So, you can confidently offer the most creative designs to your patients.
Automatic Mini Bevel Selection
Briot Couture automatically detects if the frame is a metal or plastic one, and by measuring the width of the frame wire, it selects the matching Mini Bevel for the frame.
Best Bevel Placement
By knowing the position of the frame groove within the frame wire, the ideal position of the bevel to sit perfectly in the frame is recommended automatically.
Perfect Base Curve Match
The base curve is detected automatically by the tracer or can be captured on rimless or semi-rimless frames with the digital lens clock. This helps the user to find the perfect lens to match the frame, with less distortion.
Mesure de la monture par le briot Couture

Achieve optimal visual comfort

You no longer need to alter the frame to insert lenses. Briot Couture remembers the centering parameters of the frame, allowing your patient to achieve optimal visual comfort when wearing their new glasses.

Adapted Pupilar Distance
The pupilar distance (PD) is automatically adapted to the base curve of the frame and the lens to improve the wearer’s visual experience, even on high wrap frames.
Warn in critical situations
For the first time in optics, a color scheme shows the effect that the lens will have on the frame. Red color means that the frame is bent critically.
Simulation first
With the Virtual 3D technology it is possible to simulate the impact a lens will have on a frame and which advantages a different base curve or lens index will have. This is extemely helpful for the lens selling process and for the lens ordering itself.


Verre après meulage et prévisualisation du verre par le briot couture

With 3D pre-visualization, you’ll see how the lens fits into the frame beforehand and benefit from a complete view of the final result. If needed, you can make precise

adjustments without trial and error to obtain a perfect fit, especially in the curved parts of the frame. In the grinding section, Briot Couture offers a unique inclined bevel that enhances the finish.

interface 3D d'une meuleuse
Mesure de la monture dans la meuleuse Weco E7
intérieur de la meuleuse Weco E7

Fits Easily into Place

Leveraging its TrueFit® technology, Briot Couture takes into account the curvature of the lens and frame while optimizing the bevel placement. This ensures a quality aesthetic and a proper fit. The lenses move naturally into place without forcing them. You can also work on delicate wood frames without the risk of breakage.