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Nexus telehealth

Nexus, a digital health solution

Advanced remote health screening 


our new digital health solution platform, is specifically designed to connect all eye care professionals, even remotely, to bring an ophthalmologist’s’ expertise to patients at any eye screening location.

Provide advanced visual health screening solutions to your patients by bringing an ophthalmologist's expertise into your practice

Improved services

Expand your practice offerings and provide patients with comprehensive eye health screenings. Perform a complete anterior and posterior examination on our single multi-modal instrument and get grading from an ophthalmologist in 48 hours *

Easy and comprehensive

Provide a convenient solution for your patients who don’t have easy access to your practice or don’t make regular visits to an ophthalmologists as part of their routine eye health care

Manage patient data in real time

Connect and synchronize all Visionix® diagnostic instruments through the cloud and regularly backup patient data.  

-Save time with automatic synchronization between connected Visionix® devices and the cloud 

– Automatically backup patient data in a safe, encrypted environment 

– Get automatic software updates on your devices 

Safe and Secure

Easily share patient data with remote specialists while protecting them with secured client-side encryption.

Choose between your own ophthalmologist partnership or our resources

If you prefer to use an ophthalmologist to do remote grading, we will set up a connection between your device and your ophthalmologist. If you don’t have a preferred ophthalmologist, you can use our resources and still take your eye health offerings to the next level. Available only in specified countries.