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Remote Refraction

How to optimize your business with remote refraction?

Our solution guarantees improved customer ratings, enhanced optometrist compliance, and increased business effectiveness.

Now screen and interact directly and remotely with patients via livestream video.


If you encounter difficulties managing refraction in your stores or face business losses due to refraction issues or employees shortage, Visionix proposes a remote refraction solution easy to install, connect and use. See how remote refraction can simplify your flow, saving you time and reducing errors and optimizing your frames and lenses adaptations.

In the absence of an in-store optometrist, our remote refraction solution allows you to utilize external optometrists, external platforms to ensure high-quality eye exams for your customers.


Discover the game-changing benefits of remote refraction

Enjoy convenience

Easy adoption and control

Embrace flexibility

Work from anywhere and provide first-rate care remotely

Optimize time

Focus on higher-value care like contact lenses

Streamline operations

Eliminate travel between stores and switching between different refraction equipment

Want to transform your daily practice?

Our ambassadors across Europe give you an insider’s view!

Eye Refract by Visionix

The only A.I. powered device that offers a physiological refraction to determine the most comfortable prescription for your patients.

Visionix Nexus: Peace of mind

Our remote refraction solution is powered by the Visionix Nexus platform specifically designed to connect all eye care providers, even remotely, to bring optometrists or ophthalmologists expertise to patients at any eye screening location.

Remote Refraction benefits for optical stores

With routine eye screenings , you leave no stone unturned when it comes to evaluating your customers vision and overall ocular well-being.

This ensures that end-customers receive a comprehensive evaluation
without any compromise on the quality of care.

Close collaboration with  external optometrists or external platforms for remote screening, accurate adaptation

By embracing remote screening, you can stand out by providing end-customers with a more convenient and accessible healthcare experience while staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring high-quality eye care.

Improve your revenue with additional sales and customer loyalty.

Remote Refraction benefits for your end-customers

Access to qualified specialists using devices equivalent
to Ophthalmologist’s devices and secure an appointment more swiftly.

Facilitated regular follow-up, ensuring prevention of
complications and maintaining good eye health

Remote screening, providing high-quality services, for end-customers in medical deserts.

High-quality telehealth services at pricing reflecting value and convenience of remote screening with comparable devices to 
in-person visits.