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Visionix VX90

ARK with auto fog system

The VX90 is an ophthalmic diagnostic device with refraction and keratometry functionalities as well as accurate of cataracts. A moving fixation target with auto fogging allows the patient to fully desaccommodate in order to get the patient refraction in any conditions.

Measure the refraction of the eye by indicating sphere, cylinder and axis

Measure the keratometry: central and peripheral keratometry

Measure the pupil diameter

Be aware of the presence of cataracts by using backlighting for internal opacity detection

Technical Specifications


  • WIDTH: 480 mm (18.9 in)
  • DEPTH: 288 mm (11.3 in)
  • HEIGHT: 500 mm (19.7 in)
  • WEIGHT: 14 kg (30 lbs.)
  • Standard: CE0120 classe 1m

  • Features


    • Target Fixation: Auto fog system
    • Measurement data display: 7” TFT colour LCD with touch screen (800×480)
    • PD Measurement: 85 mm measuring range max, 1 mm display unit
    • Measurement data recording: Built in thermal printer
    • External output terminal: RS232/WIFI
    • Power source, power consumption: 110V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
    • Standards: Compliance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EC

    MEASUREMENT specification

    • Power Range: -20 D to +20 D
    • Power Accuracy: +/- 0.25 D
    • Astigmatism range: 0 to 10D
    • Astigmatism accuracy: 0.25 D
    • Axis range: 0° to 180°
    • Axis step: 1°
    • Axis accuracy: +/- 5°
    • Pupil diameter measured: 2,5 mm minimum

    keratometry specifications

    • Corneal radius range: 5 mm to 10 mm
    • Corneal refractory power: 33D to 67D (n=1.3375)
    • Power repeatability: 0.03 mm
    • Corneal astigmatic power: 0 to 12 D
    • Astigmatism accuracy: 0.02D
    • Axis range: 0° to 180°
    • Axis step: 1°
    • Axis accuracy: +/- 5°
    • Measurement diameter: 2 mm to 12 mm
    • Peripheral keratometry: Nasal, temporal, up, down



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