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Retinomax 5

Handheld Auto Refractometer

Retinomax products offer a wide range of refraction measurements with high mobility, stability and accuracy, that have been recognized worldwide for years.

Automatic axis compensation and extended measurement range

Not only does the device let the examiner know the cylinder axis angle, but it also adjusts automatically if it is not level. Regardless of the inclination of the device, the internal gyroscope gives the degree of inclination generated. The measuring range has also been extended.

Fast and reliable measurement

The measurement process takes only 0.14 seconds. The pupil size is automatically measured, displayed, and printed. The measurement is done five times. If the data is unstable, the system will automatically retry 3 times in order to get the most stable result.

Small pupils

The fixation intensity is automatically lowered for small pupils. The minimum pupil size for measurement is 2.3mm.
If a pupil is smaller than 3.0 mm, the fixation target intensity will automatically be reduced by about 45% to avoid pupil contraction.

New child mode

While the measurement is being taken, a melody continually plays to keep children’s attention.  A constantly changing color display, both on the outside and inside of the device, also keeps children involved during the process.

View finder

With view finder observation, there’s no limit to operator age.  Diopter adjustable range is +/-8D. • View finder arm angle is changeable from 0-135 degrees, making measurement easy regardless of patient’s  position or posture.

Technical Specifications


  • WIDTH: 191mm
  • DEPTH: 242mm
  • HEIGHT: 223mm
  • WEIGHT: 940 g (without battery) 950 g (with battery)


Refractometry Measurement range

  • Spherical (S+C) -20D to +23D (VD=12mm) (AUTO/0.12/0.25D steps)
  • Cylinder 0 to +/-12D (AUTO/0.12/0.25D steps)
  • Pupil measurement 2.0 to 12.0 mm (in 0.1 mm increment

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