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Briot Evolution

The edging system that adapts your needs

Briot has developed the first optical tracing system capable of using just one reference point to recreate a flawless 3D shape in just 4 seconds. With our patented GraviTech® technology, users achieve perfect shape reproduction and sizing with results that are superior to mechanical tracers.

Patented technology delivers perfect, parallax-free blocking

A new technology that enables consistently faster blocking while eliminating negative influences such as parallax and light reflections to deliver perfect blocking results.

Digital lens clock

The new Digital Lens Clock feature measures the front base-curve of the lens in a matter of seconds. The Evolution then uses this data to achieve a perfect finish.

Intelligent shape smoothing

The Evolution can accurately reconstruct broken or defective demo lenses with minimal effort.

Flexibility and speed with new whisper quiet technology

Edge faster and more efficiently with less noise using the Evolution’s new Brushless motor technology and ditch the need for a 220v power line.

Best finishing results

No two frames are exactly alike. With a dynamically adjustable drilling / grooving tool up to 30° and Briot’s Best-Fit® Technology, the Evolution ensures that the lens has an exceptional finish.

The first fit is the right fit

90mm diameter wheels can perform bevels that larger wheels cannot. Achieve the best aesthetics with full bevel width and height control, especially in thin metal frames.

Technical Specifications


  • WIDTH: 325 mm (12.8 in)
  • DEPTH: 305 mm (12 in)
  • HEIGHT: 435 mm (17.1 in)
  • WEIGHT: 11 kg (24.3 lbs)

  • Features


    • Number of jobs: 5 000
    • Number of shapes: 10 000
    • Number of Frame Manufacturers / Folders: 100

    Optical Trace

    • Powered by patented GraviTech® in HD
    • Maximum «A» Dimension: 70mm
    • Maximum «B» Dimension: 60mm
    • Shape Modification
    • Automatic Drill Hole Detection
    • Easy Drill Hole Modification and Placement

    Centering/ Blocking

    • Parallax Free Decentration and Blocking
    • High Definition Camera
    • Highlight and Visualize Laser engravings
    • 3D Pupillary Distance Correction


    • Industrial Grade Brushless Motor for fast and quiet operation.
    • Four 90mm wheels that edge all materials including CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex®, High-Index, and Glass.
    • Integrated drilling functions including countersunk holes, notches, blind, and oblong holes. The drilling angle adjusts dynamically from 0-30°.
    • Front and backside lens curvature measurement accuracy of 50 microns.
    • Visual preview of lens before starting the roughing cycle.
    • 5 different bevel program modes including Percentage(default), Base curve, Controlled Bevel(manual), and Automatic.
    • Variable chuck pressure based on lens material and coatings.
    • Minimum edging diameters: Rimless Polish = 17mm, Grooved Polish = 18.2mm, Bevel Polish = 18.6mm, Polish with Safety Bevel = 21mm.
    • This needs to be positioned above edging diameters.
    • 5 different grooving modes including Percentage(default), Base curve, Controlled Bevel(manual), Automatic.
    • Front and backside safety bevel.
    • Includes a High Curve wheel for Sport and thicker plastic frames.
    • Only available for pure plastic processing (no mineral)



    • WIDTH: 510 mm (20.1 in)
    • DEPTH: 615 mm (24.2 in)
    • HEIGHT: 570 mm (22.4 in)
    • WEIGHT: 65 kg (143 lb)
    • ELECTRICAL: CE 230V/50Hz ETL 120V/60Hz

    Model Comparison Feature
    Perception 2 Groove
    Perception 2
    Emotion 2
    Attitude (ALL)
    Attitude (PLA)
    Couture (ALL)
    Couture (PLA)
    Weco E.12
    Weco E.12
    Weco E.32
    Weco E.32
    Weco E.5
    Weco E.5
    Weco E.5
    Weco E.6
    S.Line ALL
    Weco E.6
    S.Line PLA
    Weco E.6
    Weco E.6
    Weco E7 (ALL)
    Weco E7 (PLA)

    Briot made in France, reliability guaranteed

    This product was designed by our engineers in Normandy, France, and assembled in our local workshops with the greatest care. Each component is crafted with rigorous quality-control protocols at each stage of the process. And all parts are guaranteed for up to 2 years and backed by rapid intervention, ensuring you maximum uptime and a long lifecycle for your machine.


    My office has had a Briot edger for over 10 years

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