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Os nossos produtos para a venda de óculos

Equipamento de ótica para todos os gostos

Está a pensar em criar uma oficina? Oferecemos uma vasta gama de equipamento de acabamento, desde o nível de entrada até ao topo de gama, juntamente com uma sólida seleção de dispositivos de diagnóstico digital

Ajudamo-lo a tirar o máximo partido do seu equipamento

  • Once you invest in any Visionix product a dedicated specialist will come on-site to integrate the equipment into your optical practice’s workflow.
  • If needed, they will build a table, install the devices, and hook them up.
  • Training includes full operation of finishing equipment including tracing, layout/blocking, and edging and is recommended to be scheduled at a time when the lab tech / optician/ doctor can provide dedicated time to maximize training without interruption.
  • We provide detailed recommendations about how to operate our system.
  • With our intuitive interfaces, there is no downtime for training.
  • You can onboard new staff and open new offices in a short amount of time.
  • Our clinical staff can train new users to follow a scripted, tablet-driven process that generates accurate recommended final prescriptions in about four minutes.
  • Updates to our devices can be automatically generated through our cloud-based telehealth platform so there is no need for a technician to come out in person to update the equipment.
  • We offer both online video training and in-person training.
  • Staff can take a lesson online first and if they need additional support a specialist will come to your office to train them.
  • Phone support is available to answer operational questions after an initial installation and training.
  • We do have videos available to demonstrate how to do ongoing general maintenance and calibrations.

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