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Weco E5

Accurate job preparation and fashionable flexibility

The Weco E.5 combines all the necessary functionalities of today’s state of the art edger practice.

Consistency & efficiency

Perfect, consistent tracing is the key to a high first-fit rate. Therefore, Weco has the pressure applied on the frame, both on tracing as well as in clamping the frame this delivers the best, most consistent results, without distorting the frame.

Industry 4.0 - Smart Networking

The T.6 is prepared for the digitalised environment. It offers a state-of-the-art communication interface, which makes integration extremely easy and efficient. By using the network, it can be placed anywhere.

Unlimited tracing

Demo lenses and patterns are placed on the additional tracing adaptor. The axis of the demo lens is easily aligned to the markings. The Tracer does the rest – just the DBL needs to be determined and inserted manually.

Visible Engravings

High Resolution imaging makes it possible to see previously invisible watermarks and lens engravings. Now you can adjust
progressive lenses according to the markings, reduce spoilage, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Optimized productivity

With optimized edging cycles, and precise 3D measurement technology, Weco delivers a highly efficient edger. With advanced drive technology and a small 90 mm diamond wheel, WECO offers flawless finishing on high base curve lenses, fashionable frames, and designs containing sharp corners.

Additional drilling features

The custom designed WECO drill unit allows angular drilling of optical lenses to achieve the perfect fit into rimless mountings. This function makes it possible to mount lenses without any manual post processing. Should a post processing need arise, the drilling process can be repeated with a different diameter at the touch of a finger.

Technical Specifications


  • HEIGHT : 600 mm (23.62 in)
  • WIDTH : 527 mm (20.75 in)
  • DEPTH : 538 mm (21.18 in)
  • WEIGHT : 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • VOLTAGE : 230V / 50Hz / 60Hz
  • The unit meets the European EMV Standards Class A Industry Standard

Technical specifications

Standard Configuration

  • WECO E.5
  • E.5 S.line all materials – Four 90 mm (3.5 in) edging wheels: all plastics (CR 39, polycarbonate, Trivex™, high index), mineral wheel, bevel and rimless finishing, bevel and rimless polishing, mini-bevel.
  • E.5 All materials – Four 90 mm (3.5 in) edging wheels: all plastics (CR 39, polycarbonate, Trivex™, high index), mineral wheel, bevel and rimless finishing, rimless polishing, high curve mode, mini-bevel.
  • E.5 All plastic version – Three 90 mm (3.5 in) edging wheels: all plastics (CR 39, polycarbonate, Trivex™, high index), bevel and rimless finishing, bevel and rimless polishing, high curve mode, mini-bevel.
  • Integrated drilling function: holes, notches, blind or open oblong holes.
  • Drilling angle adjusts automatically from 0° to 30°.
  • Lens measurement prior to roughing with accuracy of 0.05 mm. Feeling front and rear curvature and lens thickness.
  • Visual preview of lens on request, before starting roughing cycle.
  • 5 different bevels: front face, percentage (default setting), automatic bevel, bevel according to a specific curve, manual bevel.
  • Edging process controlled according to the material selected, the treatment required, and their fragility.
  • Minimum edging diameters:
  • – rimless finish 17.75 mm
  • – grooved finish 18.2 mm
  • – bevel finish 19.4 mm
  • – safety bevel finish 22 mm
  • Rimless and bevel polishing (depending of the roughing materials).
  • Grooving: different programs with adjustable depth and width.
  • Grooving angle adjusted automatically according to the curve and the height of the lens.
  • Customized safety bevel (front face, rear face)

Other Features / Options

  • VCA / OMA standard data protocol through RS232 or optional TCP / IP interface
  • Compatible with WECO equipment

Model Comparison Feature
Perception 2 Groove
Perception 2
Emotion 2
Attitude (ALL)
Attitude (PLA)
Couture (ALL)
Couture (PLA)
Weco E.12
Weco E.12
Weco E.32
Weco E.32
Weco E.5
Weco E.5
Weco E.5
Weco E.6
S.Line ALL
Weco E.6
S.Line PLA
Weco E.6
Weco E.6
Weco E7 (ALL)
Weco E7 (PLA)



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