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Briot Scan8

Outperform your expectations

The Briot Scan 8 is the most advanced mechanical tracer on the market. Featuring our patented TrueScan® angled stylus, the Scan 8 can effortlessly trace even the toughest high base curve wrap frames. The gentle stylus pressure ensures that probe will not distort thin metal frames. Its intuitive touch-screen interface makes it one of the easiest tracers to use, making it ideal tracer for your lab.

Truescan® Less Distortion

  • High Base Tracing with tilting stylus technology up to base curve 9
  • Less distortion by tracing with low pressure
  • True Shape provided by the smooth frame clamping system
  • 4D Tracing takes into account the frame groove position to ensure the best finishing results

Ultimate flexibility

  • Provides the highest accuracy tracing for all kinds of frames
  • Due to modern technology the system maintains its accuracy over a longer period
  • Processes up to 100 frames per hour for all frame types

Ease Of Use

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Self-explanatory icons
  • Screen customization for your operation
  • Shape Display including an intelligent lens side by side comparison function

Up-To-Date Thanks To Connectivity

  • Via USB for updates and diagnostics
  • Via LAN/WiFi for communication and online updates
  • Via serial port for communication
Technical Specifications


  • WIDTH: 321 mm (12.6 in)
  • DEPTH: 306 mm (12.0 in)
  • HEIGHT: 170 mm (6.7 in)
  • WEIGHT: 9 kg (19.8 lbs)
  • VOLTAGE: 100 V-240 V, 50 Hz-60 Hz

Full range frame tracing device

TrueScan® Tracing Technology

  • Automatic 3-D mechanical tracer:
  • Shape Width: 20mm to 70mm
  • Shape Height: 18.6mm to 70mm
  • Horizontal frame width: 90mm to 160mm
  • Proprietary technology to measure wrap around frames binocularly up to 9 base curve
  • 4D tracing of the frame dimensions including the groove position, ensuring optimum aesthetics by the lens being flush to the front side of the frame
  • Monocular (right or left) and Binocular (right and left) Tracing. Featuring a new intelligent mirror of the shape, which takes into consideration the individual circumference
  • Smooth manual frame clamping and tracing with adapted speed for the most challenging frames
  • Automatic 2-D mechanical Pattern and Demo Lens tracing: – Shape Width: 28mm to 70mm – Shape Height: 17mm to 60mm
  • 3.5” colour touchscreen

Cycle Times

  • Binocular tracing: ~30s
  • Monocular tracing: ~15s


  • OMA (VCA Standard 3.10)
  • Easy integration in Lab Management Software
  • Communication via Serial (RS232) port / TCP/IP – Ethernet (RJ45) or WiFi
  • Updates via Internet (LAN) or USB
  • Barcode Reader via USB

Model Comparison Feature
Perception 2 Groove
Perception 2
Emotion 2
Attitude (ALL)
Attitude (PLA)
Couture (ALL)
Couture (PLA)
Weco E.12
Weco E.12
Weco E.32
Weco E.32
Weco E.5
Weco E.5
Weco E.5
Weco E.6
S.Line ALL
Weco E.6
S.Line PLA
Weco E.6
Weco E.6
Weco E7 (ALL)
Weco E7 (PLA)

Briot made in France, reliability guaranteed

This product was designed by our engineers in Normandy, France, and assembled in our local workshops with the greatest care. Each component is crafted with rigorous quality-control protocols at each stage of the process. And all parts are guaranteed for up to 2 years and backed by rapid intervention, ensuring you maximum uptime and a long lifecycle for your machine.


My office has had a Briot edger for over 10 years

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Dr. Albert Morier Consumer Optical

I’m an old school optician

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Trish Hammons, A.B.O.C. Custom Optical

Briot is my choice for lab equipment,

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Jonathan Kuckler, Vice President and Managing Optician North Colorado Optical of Greeley Inc.



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