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A perfect match between the lens and frame

Exceptional fit first time

Thanks to 3D,

you can preview results with absolute precision for a perfect match between the lens and frame, even on the most complex frames. Enjoy unmatched first-fit rates with the only tracer capable of modeling the entire frame’s features. With the latest TrueFit™ software, get optimal lens centering and keep full control of the grinding process while saving precious time.

Preview your work with unprecedented accuracy

WECO E7 utilizes the power of 3D preview and intelligent TrueFit™ software, to allow you to preview your work with an unprecedented level of accuracy. 



TrueFit – guided by Virtual 3D

TrueFit Bevel Placement, supported by Virtual 3D Technology, positions the bevel by calculating the best compromise between aesthetics and fitting, which means less bending of the frame.

Cautious: Red!

A useful color code shows if the frame is going to be bent by the inserted lens and if yes, to what extend. As always, red is a warning and shows critical areas. By changing lens paramters, or bevel placements, it is possible to improve the result.

Improving sales

Sell higher value by taking your customer to experience the difference in fitting by chosing different lens base curves, a different Index of Refraction or even an aspheric lens.

Optimal centering

Our exclusive wavefront technology simplifies perfect centering, especially on progressives lenses.

Comprehensive modeling

WECO E7 is the only tracer on the market capable of modeling all the characteristics of a frame’s features, including the thickness, making even the most complex mountings easy. 

A perfect fit every time

With each step precisely planned, calculated, and previewed, from the lens choice to the mounting, you can expect unparalleled first-fit results.

Improve productivity

Save an hour each day with a smarter, faster process, giving you more time to devote to your patients.

Fine-tuned grinding process

Equipped with new high-tech sensors and the latest generation of software, WECO E7 is made for precise grinding that can be fine-tuned at any time.