Combi 5500 - right or left version

Combi 5500 - right or left version

7220065 Right - 7220066 Left

Combi 5500 is state-of-the-art system. Automation, ergonomic and modern design are the key features of this refraction unit.

- Dimensions : 1900 mm x 1800 mm [74.8 in x 70.8 in]

  • Manual rotation
  • Manual sliding table for 4 instruments
  • Phoropter arm (option)
  • Large handle for easy operation (Rotation and sliding)
  • Automatic up/down movement for instruments table from 800 to 950 mm
  • Column with LED adjustable lamp and projector support plate
  • Rotating console with control panel, drawer and room for storage (trial lens case in option in the drawer)
  • Electric elevation chair seat height: from 480 to 670 mm
  • Reclining back rest
  • Removable arm rest and foot rest.

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