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Telehealth Anterior Posterior Screening

Ready to simplify patient flow and ensure precise screening?

Our telehalth screening solution offers seamless management from data collection to personalized advice.

Unlock the Transformative Advantages of In-Store Screening

Elevate your practice with the power of connectivity and cloud based technology – bringing advanced eye care within reach

Elevate customer satisfaction

Optimize screening for swift service without compromising safety

Eye health prevention and preservation

Explore our compact and versatile equipment for advanced eye exams. Swiftly identify and alert potential pathologies
through efficient screening services

Effortless integration into your exam room

Integrate Visionix solution seamlessly into your exam room, maintaininga steady patient flow and easily connecting to an online platform for direct interaction with remote ophthalmologists

Human-grading and certified back- up

Enjoy human evaluation with connected ophthalmologists and a robust back-up for optimal secure assessment of results.

Financial simulation

Visionix VX 650

is the only fully automated instrument in the world that can performs a complete anterior/posterior one-step examination.

Visionix Nexus: Peace of mind

Our anterior posterior screening solution is powered by the Visionix Nexus platform specifically designed to connect all eye care providers, even remotely, to bring optometrists or ophthalmologists expertise to patients at any eye screening location.

Telehealth benefits for optical stores

With routine eye screenings , you leave no stone unturned when it comes to evaluating your customers vision and overall ocular well-being.

This ensures that end-customers receive a comprehensive evaluation
without any compromise on the quality of care.

Close collaboration with the ophthalmologist for human
grading of eye screening, accurate diagnosis and appropriate patient referral.

By embracing telehealth, you can stand out by providing end-customers with a more convenient and accessible healthcare experience while staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring high-quality eye care.

Improve your revenue with additional sales and customer loyalty.

Telehealth benefits for your end-customers

Access to qualified specialists using devices equivalent
to Ophthalmologist’s devices: uncompromising clinical
examination and tailored recommendations.

Early detection of eye problems, enabling prompt and effective care, receive your well seeing report within 48 hours.

Facilitated regular follow-up, ensuring prevention of
complications and maintaining good eye health

Telehealth, providing high-quality services, for end-customers in medical deserts.

High-quality telehealth services at pricing reflecting value and convenience of remote screening with comparable devices to 
in-person visits.